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Our last vacation wasn’t anywhere exciting. It’s Bali and it seems to have a reputation of one of the must visit places. Well, Mee and I have been there and back and it’s not really giving us any memorable events during our stay. We hired a tour guide for our whole four days in Bali and by the third day, we ran out of places to go and we didn’t even want to go out early in the morning. Our tour guide insisted that we start the journey around 9am so that we will get the value of our money back. If you ask my opinion about Bali, I don’t really know what to say. It’s a small island but travelling from places to places seemed to take a lot of time. The roads were narrow and I was impressed with the way the people drove. If that happened to be in Malaysia, I wondered how many times we had to get out of our vehicle to check for damage.

Mee and I are not beach persons. The last time we had a great time at the beach was when we were in Greece. Bali just didn’t excite Mee and me. Tourist area were also swarmed with local people trying to sell you things from fruits to raquel welch wigs. They will give you a fruit, say, a banana and they will say it’s free. Once you ate it, they will ask you to pay for the whole bunch. How cheeky! If we were to go back, I believe we will have the kind of vacation as most westerners had which is to book a hotel room by the beach and stay on the beach most of the time.

I really love to have a vacation where we can just rest and relax somewhere and not thinking about anything. Unfortunately, we are not that rich to be spending monies going abroad and doing nothing. At least we can now put a dot on Bali on our travel map.

Malaysia trip …

I didn’t mention a lot about my last trip to Malaysia. It was kind of busy and I was very busy at work too. I didn’t get the excitement of going back home. It felt like just going for a holiday. I am not sure why I have that kind of feeling. A lot of my colleagues were asking if I were excited. Hmmm…. I was not sure how to response to that because I didn’t feel excited. It’s almost felt like a routine although it’s been almost three years since Mee and I went back to Malaysia. For some reason, I was glad that I am back to UK; going back to my house and work.

Anyway, on our flight back to UK, someone took out a packet of durian and started eating. The moment he opened the container, we smelt durian. When confronted by the air stewardess, he said he didn’t know it’s durian. How could anyone buy something that they don’t know about? Especially it’s for consumption!!! Moments later, the none smoking signs were in red and the captain announced to remind everyone that smoking is illegal. It seemed like someone was smoking in the toilet. However, there were no more announcement after that. I am really surprised that in this day and age, there are still ill-considerate people in an airplane. I suppose flying has become more and more affordable nowadays.

The airline we flew with was Emirates. We kind of decided not to go for it anymore. It’s not because of those small incidents. It’s because Mee didn’t like the seats as they were too straight and the cushions were like very hard.

Happy New Year …

Yeah, it’s 25th January and it’s a little too late to say Happy New Year to anyone. In fact, I got an email from Watermark Hotel and Spa Gold Coast wishing me Happy New Year and hoping that I had a great Christmas! I have no idea why they only sent out email like this at this time. Watermark Hotel and Spa was the hotel that Mee and I stayed when we went to Gold Coast, Australia. If I remember correctly, it is about 15 minutes away from the airport and 5-10 minutes away from the Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast. It was a good hotel and we were comfortable during our stay. The thing I like about the hotels that we stayed while we were in Australia was that the rooms were big and with two double beds. Yes, two double beds and that’s a standard room. However, it’s not cheap. If you were to talk to Mee and me about Australia, our first impression would be that everything was expensive!

Anyway, the email is to tell me that the weather is amazing on the Gold Coast and that, I should visit again. Well, I haven’t got that kind of money to pay Australia a second visit!


The above picture is taken from its website. It’s nothing like this, but close though. We didn’t have to worry not knowing how to get back to the hotel. Gold Coast has just two straight parallel roads; one is the two-lane motorway and the other one is just a single lane with lots of traffic lights. The hotel is tall enough with a huge Watermark sign with blue lights on the top floor. Hence, we could already see the sign a few blocks away.

Short break

After a week without access to servers, Mee and I started this week with three days off. These three days were the days that I could have and next week onwards will be hectic. Initially, we didn’t plan on going anywhere. But because I had too much time on hand when the servers were down, Mee and I realised that we could actually go to Hull, a place which we frequently talked about of going but never found a chance until now. Well, Mee went to University of Hull about nine years ago and she was quite keen on showing me the place. When we were about to book the hotel, Mee thought that a night in Hull would be sufficient and we soon came up with Manchester as our next city. It’s all very last minute and we’d only managed to book the both hotels like a day before our trip.

It took about 4 hours to drive to Hull and from Hull, it’s about 1.5 hours to Manchester. Somehow, it made me realise that I needed to find out my car’s breakdown cover details which I didn’t have it recorded anywhere. I then saw an email about life insurance no medical exam and realised that I had forgot about the travel insurance which I bought before Mee and I went to Australia for holiday early this year. I seriously need to find the travel insurance document. We might plan another short trip during the August Bank holiday.

Anyway, the trip to Hull and Manchester was good. Mee was quite happy showing me around the University of Hull. She even saw one of her academic lecturers. He didn’t recognise her but he didn’t mind chatting with us. A lot has changed over the nine years and Hull city centre has three shopping centres and a long high street.  Just the night before going to Manchester, Mee and I decided to visit the Old Trafford Stadium and go on the Museum and Stadium Tour. Manchester United is not the club that I support but it’s still a nice experience visiting the famous Theatre of Dreams. The tour was good as the guide brought us to the dugout place, the dressing room, the seating areas as well as the history of Manchester United.

I am not sure about Mee but I always thought that short break could be nice and relaxing just like the three days of Hull and Manchester. I will definitely be planning more short breaks from now on.

From Melbourne to Sydney

Mee and I were in Melbourne just this morning and now, I am typing on the bed of a hotel in Sydney. The weather here is quite warm compared to Melbourne. We reached Sydney’s airport at about 2010 and 30 minutes later, we were in our hotel room. We then went out for a walk and the city was still full of people. I guess it’s because of the long weekend break. A lot of my friends said to me that they felt like they were in another country when they arrived in London. Well, I felt the same when I walked around Sydney just now.

This morning, our friend brought us to the Werribee open range zoo as agreed. The weather was cool and sunny occasionally. With the entrance fee, we got a free bus tour. To be honest, the bus tour was the only exciting thing offered by the zoo. At least on the bus, we got to see some animals. After the bus tour, there were nothing much to see. The variety of animals was just too limited. We still very much prefer the Perth’s wildlife zoo. After that, we went back Point Cook town near our friend’s home for lunch. We settled for Nando’s. While on our way back, we saw some discount window on display. Our friend was quite interested with the offer but she couldn’t do much about it as she will be moving to Sydney in a week’s time because of her work. Her house will be rented out after she left and she wonders when she will be back to Melbourne.

Australia weather

Today is not as sunny as yesterday. In fact, it is cloudy at the moment. I am watching tv at the moment and every channel I switch to, it is almost always advertisement. Like UK, the advertisement in the afternoon is always about sales, loans, discounts and of course, easter sales as it is good friday this week and easter Monday next week. Some advertisement that we don’t normally see UK is about whispbar roof racks at I think it’s because of the weather here where the materials used to built the houses here are different from UK. In fact, it’s very similar to Malaysia except that the houses here are a lot bigger.

The weather in Melbourne is kind of temperamental. It can be hot in a moment and chilly next. Like now, it’s quite windy. It’s quite hard to decide what to wear for the day. In addition, they rely on the national weather forecast for the day’s weather. As we have missed the opportunity of visiting the Werribee open range zoo today, we have decided to go there tomorrow instead. Should be an exciting day tomorrow before leaving for Sydney!