Freezing Mee …

Mee is sleeping right now. We have not brush our teeth yet. When I walked from my office to the town centre after work, it was freezing. Attached is Mee who actually wrapped herself. So, it must be really freezing cold.

‘Yo’ …

Do you have any idea of the meaning of this word?

It has been used by people as a method of saying, ‘HI’.

But, there is another meaning which I read from the newspaper today. The word, ‘Yo’ can be used as an alternative to ‘he or she’.

It is also a more polite way of saying ‘it’.

ITV and Channel 4 Streaming – FIXED …

I got back home yesterday at about 8:30pm. After shower and dinner, I hardly had any time to test out Mee’s laptop and the DRM stuff. However, I decided to carry on with the DRM. Finally, I managed to fix it.

My problem was unable to stream ITV and Channel 4 on the internet using IE7 on Vista.

The breakdown of my problem was:

  1. IE7 unable to detect Flash Player plugin
  2. IE7 unable to detect WMP 9 or above
  3. IE7 unable to detect DRM

No matter how many times I try to install or reinstall Flash Player plugin from Adobe, diagnostic will still show that Flash Player plugin is not detected.

User Agent String Utility

From the link, I am able to download the User Agent String Utility package which emulates my IE7 to IE6. After installing UASU, it virtually runs IE7 as IE6. I proceed to the diagnostic again and voila! My flash player plugin is detected.

To make sure it works 100%, I opened IE7 as usual and magically, the emulation made my IE7 to detect the Flash Player plugin.

Now, it’s down to WMP plugin and DRM. This was a quick fix. But before this, I tried resetting DRM by deleting the files in %ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsDRM and restarting the computer. However, it does no effect. I then proceed to upgrade my DRM through the link below but the button is greyed out.

Upgrade DRM

After googling, there is a user recommends to disable a Windows Media Center Receiver Service before resetting and upgrading DRM. Little did I know that my Windows Media Center Receiver Service was never started.

As I said it was a quick fix, just by enabling the service made my system to pass the diagnostic. In fact, I believe that my DRM was never the problem.

Below is the sample of the diagnostic but the result was performed on my office computer.

No snow day …

My alarm went off this morning at 6:50am. In fact, it goes off at 6:50am every day that I am working. But, as usual, I tend to stay on my bed for another 5 mins. I am sure everyone does that. Maybe longer than I am.

As I got up, I look through the window. No snow. Well, I was told by my sis and colleagues that, ‘It is going to snow!! Be prepared.’

I got on a bus at 7:50am, alight at the town centre. Normally, I will walk to the train station to get the Metro newspaper before another walk of 15 mins to my office. On the way, I saw a few ‘Eskimos’. I bet they were told that it is going to snow today.

You must be thinking what I had been doing from 6:50am to 7:50am then. First off, I will brush my teeth and take shower. Later on, I will gel my hair, have a cup of cereal and put in the lovely sandwich; which Mee prepared for me, in the microwave for 2 mins.

Sounds boring? Well, it’s for the ‘wonder’man and ‘wonder’woman out there reading my blog anyway.

Windows XP Tiny Edition …

For some of you, this may be a kind of new thing to play with, or maybe you have tried it before. Windows XP Tiny is built by carefully and unofficially removing useless components that come installed together with Windows XP.

Some says it is designed for gamers while some says it is designed to run on older systems which have limited RAM or disk spaces. Of course, there are different Tiny XP created for different purposes. Anyway, it’s up to the creator to create and decide which components to remove.

If you would like to create your version of windows; Windows King Kong, MyWindows, Treasure Windows, Compact Windows, Speedy Windows; there are two recommended softwares with opposite functions but same goal, which is to create a tiny version of Windows XP.

XPLite (

Not every software comes free. This costs from $39.95. It allows you to remove any Windows components as well as reinstall the components provided you have the Windows CD.

The software is divided into two parts, listing all the windows components. Part A showing the components which are safe to remove, and Part B showing the components of ‘You have to know what you are doing’.

I have installed the program on my gf’s laptop. Installation was smooth and no problems whatsoever. The interface is simple to understand and I carefully select the components from Part A. After a restart, Windows XP prompted for missing files and missing components. Bad enough, though. The day before, I popped in my Windows XP SP2 CD and started to add in all the components that I had removed previously.

Amazingly, the laptop showed Black screen upon restart. I believe it’s worst than bluescreen.

BSOD – Blue Screen of Death

BlSOD – Black Screen of Death

The seriousness of these scenarios is that, the user will have to reinstall the OS.

* I refer it as BSMD – Black Screen Means Death, in my term, not knowing the existence of BlSOD

nLiteOS (

Here comes the freeware. It offers the user to create an ISO image out of the existing Windows XP which can then be burnt into CD. During the process, user can choose to remove or add Windows components, Windows Updates and create Unattended setup as well.

I have yet to allocate my time for this software. However, I had downloaded the popular version of Tiny XP called Windows XP Beast Edition. I had jz burnt it to CD yesternight and will try it on my gf’s laptop
tonight. Hopefully it works. I don’t actually mean the XP but the CD coz I get error message after burning the image into the CD.

Windows Embedded

Lastly, it’s the Windows Embedded. This is an official version from Microsoft which enables user to componentize the Windows. I believe it aims to provide flexibility for developers as well as corporate use. It offers a trial version of 120 days. Unless I am very free, I will leave it first.

2nd Day of Year 2008 …

‘This is the day’. I talked to myself this morning when I reached my office. Plugging in my thumb drive, or should I call it pen drive or USB pen drive or whatever, I opened up my portable Firefox and start searching for free blog site. In the past, I thought of blogging is a waste of time and meaningless. No offense. Anyway, I believe I was wrong.

Okay. Next, I gotta think of a name for my blog site. A name which is not jz my name, but a symbolic name. I thought of posting jz IT stuffs but wouldn’t it be better to have more varieties. At least when I look back at what I had posted, it will be memories rather than just IT.

Anyway, the question that matters is, ‘How long can I maintain this blog?’ HAHAHAHA … Those who know me will know the reason behind the question.

All right. Apologies now. I’ve been rather out today. I should be talking about the naming part, shouldn’t I? Well, I’ve chosen ‘xpi4u’. The idea of it is ‘Experience Ideas for You’.

Okay, okay, I got it. Copycat, not innovative, not creative or whatever you like to call it. I don’t mean to copy that word ‘xp’ for experience like the Windows kind of thing.

My original idea is just ‘i4u’ which means ‘Ideas for you’. However, it has been taken by some bloggers who never update their site while some blog sites think that it is too short.

Anyway, ‘xpi4u’,that’s it. Well, well, I’ve managed to think of another name for my blog which is to ‘My Ideas 4 You’. Sounds nice to me, though. Maybe, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s it: ‘My Ideas 4 You’.

The reason of using xpi4u initially was because I prefer to have the same name as my e-mail account’s username. After second thought, I decided to prevent myself from using those xp (Windows XP), factor (X-Factor) or corner (My Corner) phrase for my blog’s name.

Streaming ITV, BBC, and Channel 4
Since yesterday, I’ve been trying to stream UK channels through my PC. Thanks to my sis who told me that her fren has a USB TV kind of thing that cost around £22. Previously, I had tried the stream ITV channels using Vista Sidebar gadgets but it doesn’t work as it keeps showing copyrights statement.

I was never serious in searching for free tv streaming on the internet until yesterday.

After searching for a while, I found out that ITV and Channel 4 actually offer live streaming and BBC offers downloads.

However, as I am using Windows Vista Ultimate and IE7, there have been some problems with the Windows Media Player plugins and DRM issues. Initially, there was a Flash problem as well, as IE7 shows that I do not have Flash plugin installed. But after googling for some time, I found a solution of it. The problems indication are shown by ITV compatibility checker when I try to stream live telecast.

Windows Media Player plugin
Logically, WMP plugin should be embedded in IE7 especially on Vista as WMP 11 comes preinstalled with Vista and especially the version that I am using is Windows Vista Ultimate. Well, the compatibility checker shows that I need to have WMP 9 or above.

Digital Rights Management DRM
My understanding is that it is a copyright kind of thing for playing protected media. It’s been a headache trying to reset DRM on Vista. I’ve followed Microsoft’s solutions but it doesn’t seem to work. I found some new ways to reset it and will try to sort it out tonight.