Playing Games

Just when I thought I was a bit bored playing my Playstation 3, I started to search for my all time favourite game; Fifa. Well, I try not to spend a lot in games especially on new games like Fifa 15 which will cost a whopping £34.99. My second option is to look for previous version and pre-owned as well as research on the difference of the versions. Then, it came down to either Fifa 14 or Fifa 13 and they cost £12 and £3 respectively. Considering it’s only a year apart between the two, the pre-owned prices were so huge. After much consideration, I opted for Fifa 13 as it only cost £3. I don’t mind not having the latest rosters or the latest players in the team. As such, Fifa 13 works out great for me in terms of price and satisfaction. The only downside is it being Blu-Ray and it can get a bit noisy when the PS3 unit loads the game.

Not long after that, in fact, it was two days ago, there comes the Black Friday sale. Fifa 14 dropped to £10 but it didn’t bother me. It’s still more than three times more expensive than Fifa 13. However, something else caught my eyes, Grand Theft Auto 5. It dropped from £14.99 to £10 at the Game store. It was about £20 when I went to CEX, a shop specialises in pre-owned electronics and games. Without second thought, I bought it as I believe that it’s limited availability in terms of price and stock.

There I have, two of my favourite games, Fifa and Grand Theft Auto. They should keep me company for quite some time. I don’t think Fifa is a game that has an ending. Hence, even if I finished Grand Theft Auto 5, I will still have Fifa to keep me going.


Lots of things happened in the space of a month. Well, we now have an automated heating and hot water controller installed. It’s called the Hive Active Heating system. It consists of three pieces of hardware; a wireless receiver, a thermostat and a hub. And the whole system is controlled through an app. I have no complain so far except that we still feel the need to check if the boiler actually started when we switch on the heating or the hot water through the app. Unlike our previous system where we physically pressed a button in the airing cupboard and we could then hear the system started immediately as the water tank is inside the airing cupboard. The app itself is very intuitive but the only thing that I wished is to have more than two schedules per day. Anyway, the schedule still works better than the previous system as the previous system was either off or had to have two schedules for both heating and hot water.

I have finished painting the bathroom mirror frame and the bathroom closet. Well, the paint job is ugly if you look closely. I like to think of them as having unique features being imperfect. The previous color was dark brown and Mee and I decided to paint bright yellow. All I can say is that they brighten up the bathroom. Soon, we will have tiles in the bathroom and the kitchen too. We have bought the required tiles yesterday and now, we are just waiting for the builder to confirm a date. Everything is still in progress but I can wait to see the end results. By the way, I have also finished painting the room doors and the next project would be to paint the cupboard doors, electric room door and airing cupboard door.

The list is a bit long at the moment. I will also be painting the hallway as I am planning to make it a feature wall the moment we walk into the house. I hope it turns out as cool as I thought it would be.


Our last vacation wasn’t anywhere exciting. It’s Bali and it seems to have a reputation of one of the must visit places. Well, Mee and I have been there and back and it’s not really giving us any memorable events during our stay. We hired a tour guide for our whole four days in Bali and by the third day, we ran out of places to go and we didn’t even want to go out early in the morning. Our tour guide insisted that we start the journey around 9am so that we will get the value of our money back. If you ask my opinion about Bali, I don’t really know what to say. It’s a small island but travelling from places to places seemed to take a lot of time. The roads were narrow and I was impressed with the way the people drove. If that happened to be in Malaysia, I wondered how many times we had to get out of our vehicle to check for damage.

Mee and I are not beach persons. The last time we had a great time at the beach was when we were in Greece. Bali just didn’t excite Mee and me. Tourist area were also swarmed with local people trying to sell you things from fruits to raquel welch wigs. They will give you a fruit, say, a banana and they will say it’s free. Once you ate it, they will ask you to pay for the whole bunch. How cheeky! If we were to go back, I believe we will have the kind of vacation as most westerners had which is to book a hotel room by the beach and stay on the beach most of the time.

I really love to have a vacation where we can just rest and relax somewhere and not thinking about anything. Unfortunately, we are not that rich to be spending monies going abroad and doing nothing. At least we can now put a dot on Bali on our travel map.


Mee had fallen in about two weeks ago. I had been busy taking care of her and she is recovering well. In fact, I am certain that she is fine now. It’s just that she hadn’t bee eating regularly and it’s only the last couple of days where she has really shown the sign of her normal appetite. We even bought a fairly expensive thermometer just to monitor Mee’s temperature as she wasn’t getting better from her fever of 38 to 39 degree Celsius. She’s been to the GP twice and the A&E once. Apparently, the doctors didn’t seem to be to concern about the fever. The last doctor we saw, he suggested Mee for a blood test in 10 days time and he also made sure that we have an appointment with him to look at the blood test results. I thought he was the nicest doctor we saw so far. Not that we saw a lot of doctors here, but he was very patient and not using the common sense attitude.

Since this little incident, we have been buying as many organic products as we can for our daily meals. We are also ditching our fruit juicer for a masticating juicer.  Masticating juicer is thought to be able to retain the nutrient and mineral of the fruits as well as getting the most juices out of the fruits.

At the back of my mind, there’s always the thought of what will happen when we live too cleanly. I would have thought a little bit of dirt is supposed to be good. When I was young, my digestive system wouldn’t work with oily food. I put it down to the fact that I always eat at home. As a family, we only went out for a meal probably no more than 10 times a year. When I left home for college, I was suffering from stomach pain the very first night. I couldn’t say that I am healthier but my digestive system is definitely better than before. Hence, eating too ‘cleanly’ or ‘organic’ is a bit worrying for me.

iPhone 5 Battery

My iPhone 5 had a charge of 100% before I went to sleep last night. When I woke up this morning, it still had around 90% charge. I had only been watching a few youtube clips and whatsapping for about 10 minutes, it was down to 26% earlier. As soon as I connected it to the power source, it jumped to 45%. It happened since iOS 7 and a few updates later, it’s still displaying the same behaviour. It seems to me that it’s the iOS problem, unable to accurately show the battery level. When I was in Malaysia, the battery dropped to 19% and I still could make calls and texting for quite a while before it went completely dead. Hence, it indicated that it had more than 19% of battery charge.

All was well when I first bought iPhone 5. I twittered a few images showing that I could use my iPhone 5 down to 1% of charge before it died. I wonder what I had to do or is it something that I can do? I might have to wait for iOS 8 and quite possibly, upgrading iOS 8 might be a bad idea. Maybe I should format my iPhone 5 but it will take a considerably huge amount of time.


Don’t be mistaken the title keyboard to the computer keyboard. It’s the keyboard piano that I have been talking about since ages ago, or electric keys as some people might call it. Yeah, it’s still stashed away in one of our built-in cupboards. My initial imagination of how our house will look like seems to be still far away from reality. Until such time, the keyboard will still be in it’s current position. It’s summer now and I am hoping to get my lazy ass working. Oh no, the forecast stated that it’s going to be raining tomorrow and Sunday. I wonder how much work I can do on a Saturday.

My first task would be to sand the interior doors. I suppose I could paint them later as I still haven’t decided one the colour. I bet Mee will choose white but I don’t want the house to be too bland. Should the weather forecast changed, I still have tasks of clearing out rubbish which lives in the living room for far too long. That might leave some space in the leaving room the keyboard.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, the understair has been fitted with cupboards and there’s a space on the side to put more stuffs or in this instance, shoes. Yes, more shoes. I am struggling to find suitable cupboards that will fit into that space. However, I did read on the internet that extendable curtain rod can be used as shoe rack. Put two in parallel and they should hold the shoes. I looked on the internet and the cheapest I can find is £1.10 from Wilkinson. With two rods, I can have a row of probably 3 or 4 pairs of shoes. That’s not too bad. A stackable shoe rack from Ikea will cost £20. Apart from all these, I am also thinking about fitting a sliding bathroom door. I definitely need some help from a builder here. There’s the kitchen tap to change and I would love to upgrade our thermostat too. All this add up to certain amount of money and I hope they will be money well spent.