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New year resolutions

New year, new you. That’s what most people said this month. Surprisingly, I had two persons saying Happy New Year to me. Well, for some, it might sound a bit late but for Chinese, it’s our other new year. Check back the previous post!

As the new year arrives, everyone is talking about resolutions. I don’t really have any but if I were to list out mine, most of them would be always on going. That’s why I wouldn’t call them as resolutions. One thing in particular would be to maintain my weight or to increase it to the weight that I thought would be ideal which is about 65kg. I think I had that resolution from two years ago and it proves to be hard to achieve. I always believe that there is a limit to how far you can go with your weight without the help from surgeries and medicines. I prefer the healthy way and that’s why I only consume how much my body can take rather than forcing it.

Diet seems like a big business. Same as free dating sites and job sites. The beginning of the year is where they advertise almost constantly throughout the day. I, for one is getting tired of watching these advertisement. Another advertisement that has been going on for almost every day would be loan company. Their annual percentage rate (APR) is unbelievably high where I label them as licensed loan shark. How could the government allow them to operate legally where the rates are so much higher than bank. I believe that if one ever borrows money, say £1000 from them, it would take years to clear.