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Apple WWDC Keynote …

A couple of days ago, I watched the Apple’s WWDC keynote on its website. I guess that was the first time I actually watched any keynote. I didn’t watch it all since it was about 2 hours long. I watched the opening and then skipped to the Mac OSX Mountain Lion. Or should I say OS X Mountain Lion since they started removing the Mac from the name. There are certainly a few good things to talk about considering all the integrations between Apple devices via iCloud work effortlessly. However, as a Lion user, I somehow feel a bit cheated since I have only just bought OS X Lion 7 months ago though it cost me just £20.99.

It seems to me that Apple are trying to keep up with the market by launching Lion instead of waiting until they have a more complete OS X which would have been the Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion can be upgraded from Snow Leopard and Lion and I am sure many will complain if Mountain Lion is only available for upgrade from Lion. I say, it would only be fair enough if there were two prices; one for upgrading from Snow Leopard (which should be higher) and one for upgrading from Lion.

Having said all that, I would probably be lining up electronically to purchase Mountain Lion since it costs a lot less than £20.