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iPhone 5 …

Apple’s event is over now. It’s not surprising at all that the leak photos on the internet look exactly the same as the real iPhone 5. I am not entirely sure how ground breaking it is or how the iPhone can compete against Samsung Galaxy SIII or HTC One X. Erm… not true, I do know. If I am going to buy an iPhone, I am actually after its operating system; the iOS, the latest being iOS 6. With Apple products, everything seems to integrate effortlessly. It’s almost as if the integration is the only advantage while there may be dozens of disadvantages when we rely on products made by a single company.

There may be a bigger picture but I don’t quite understand why Microsoft was once considered as monopolising the computer world whereas no one seems talk about the same thing with Apple. If you have installed almost every version of Windows, you will find that with the new version of Windows, you are now given a choice to install other types of internet browsers during installation. That I believe is one of the ways to stop Microsoft from monopolising users with their Internet Explorer.

Anyway, I will soon be reading reviews from various internet blogs. I am pretty sure there will be some mixed reviews. To be honest, I don’t really care much about what they may say. I am almost quite sure that I will be getting one but reading reviews is one of my methods to get-to-know a product before buying it. My HTC Desire has kind of disappointed me in some ways. Mee has been using iPhone for some time and I have an iPad myself. Hence, I know what to expect from the new iPhone and I just know it won’t disappoint me.

Virgin Mobile offers …

I have been getting a lot of missed calls lately and they all came from the same number. As always, I googled it and dozens of people have the same calls; Virgin Media. Since I have been getting at least one missed call a day from that number, I finally answered it yesterday. The lady who called was actually quite nice and she was trying to get me signed up on their Virgin Mobile service. With that, I was offered a Samsung Galaxy Ace which I wasn’t interested at all. Bear in mind that Apple is going to announce the latest iPhone on the 12th Sept 2012 which is tomorrow! I was quite determined not to waste any of our time and told her that I wanted to wait for the latest iPhone. I guess she doesn’t know that Apple is about to announce the latest iPhone as she kept saying that Samsung Galaxy Ace is equivalent to iPhone in terms of hardware specifications.

Knowing that I plan to get an iPhone, she still offered me a SIM only plan for use while I wait for the iPhone. I don’t quite get it. Why would I want to take the trouble to sign up a SIM only plan just for a couple of weeks and I have to ditch it when I bought myself an iPhone? For your information, Virgin Mobile doesn’t support iPhone. However, the SIM only plan was really good. It’s only £7 per month and I get a couple of hundreds minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data. That really got me thinking whether or not I should be getting a Samsung Galaxy SIII or HTC One X instead of an iPhone. Anyway, tomorrow is the iPhone announcement and I shall decide it after that. I believe that I will be able to see one in our local Apple Store this Saturday.

The New iPhone? …

When the 3rd generation of iPad or the iPad 3 or the rather official name the new iPad was announced, almost every blogs and tech reviewers praised Apple in naming the new iPad. They said that if Apple were going to name the new iPad as iPad 3, what would happen in the future if Apple were to keep up with the trend and introducing a new iPad every year. It would be iPad 10 many years later. But just how “the new iPad” is appropriate in this occasion. How would iPad or a normal user call his/her new iPad when the next iPad comes out. The new iPad will eventually be an old iPad and naturally, the name “the New iPad” will no longer be appropriate.

In my opinion, Apple should start naming iPad with a code name like what Apple has with OS X. Well, not that my small opinion actually matters or even makes much sense to Apple. But certainly, the new iPad doesn’t make sense to me. Codenames should separate each version of iPad very nicely just like OS Xes.

Apple may have already realised this and maybe the new iPhone will not be called “the New iPhone” just like some bloggers predicted. I am sure that Apple will come up with something but I will be disappointed if the New iPhone is going to be the name. After all, I am quite likely to purchase the new iPhone.

The new iPhone …

The hottest technology topic now is the iPhone 5, or the new iPhone or whatever Apple will call it when it launches. At first, I found it quite interesting reading the news by just googling for iPhone 5. It has now kind of confirmed that the new iPhone will have a 4″ screen,smaller dock connector, smaller SIM holder, different earphone jack location and bigger battery. Everything else pretty much stays the same as iPhone 4/4S. I believe that many Apple fans would love the idea that the rumours so far are not exactly true. I am not sure how smartphone users will react when they see the new iPhone as a copy of the old iPhone but just slightly longer. Sure enough when Apple introduces it, the new iPhone will be an exciting product no matter how resemblance it will be to iPhone 4/4S.

As time moves on, the world wide web is just circling the news around. A lot of tech bloggers have different opinions and a lot of the articles are just copying one another with no new information coming through. Well, even now, I am repeating most of the information about the new iPhone. The question now is not when will it arrive? but when I can hold one?

Rewards …

No pain no gain. I have been working 7 days a week for half a month now and I wonder how much longer I can be doing this. Yes, I am getting paid for the overtime works but somehow, my brain doesn’t operate that good when I work beyond the normal 7.5 hours a day especially everyday. I guess I just have to stay strong and get some early sleep more often though I have failed to do so, so far. One of the things that keeps me going is what I will do once this project is finished. Reward comes to my mind and I suppose it’s time for me to upgrade my mobile phone! I have few other things in my wish list but mobile phone sounds like a better idea at the moment. I don’t want to be clogging my rented room with big electronic equipment, well, not until I got my own house.

I am currently waiting for the announcement of the new iPhone. Some says it will come as early as August and I am really excited about it. I still like my HTC Desire but the lack of internal space is really annoying. Also, whenever a newer version of ROM is out, I have to erase the contents of my mobile phone in order to update it. Hence, it involves backups and copying files here and there. Apple products on the other hand, uses iTunes. You either love it or hate it, I think. I stand in the middle but you can’t deny that life is a lot easier with it than without it. For my iPad, I can just plug it in and it backs up everything. For Mee’s iPhone, it does the same too. I don’t have to worry if I have backup my messages, contacts or apps list like when I am using Android. iTunes backs up almost everything. Now with iCloud, it’s even easier though it doesn’t work with Google Mail.

As I said previously, I have passed the stage where everything is an experiment. I look for things that make my life easier. I have good fun with Android but there are things that really frustrate me. Well, the latest leaked photo suggested that the new iPhone will have 4″ screen but I do hope that it will be bigger than 4″. My HTC Desire is already 3.7″ and an extra 0.3″ won’t make a huge difference.

The Next Big Thing …

Technology is moving at a very fast rate than ever before. In fact, it is so fast that I believe some gadgets are overpowered. A quad core mobile phone for example. Do we really need it? Would it even make a huge difference? I doubt so. For a computer or laptop, definitely. I guess most of the companies are either running out of ideas  or they are trying to release bits by bits just so they could squeeze our pockets till they get the last penny.

If you look at the past few years of mobile phones’ design, they all look similar. Touch screen smartphone is popular and who would have thought that a bigger touch screen smartphone-like is a big hit? Apple did and others follow. Again, two iPads later, the new iPad still has the same look. The big difference to me would be the Retina display. 5MP camera doesn’t impress me because that’s something we find in everyday smartphone technology. Take a look at Samsung. You could never tell which is which as they all look the same. The only difference is the hardware; faster processor, higher RAM and newer operating system. I will be forced to upgrade my HTC Desire when Android no longer supports it but not because I am attracted to new smartphone designs. On the other hand, there’s always custom ROMs available to choose.

What exactly is the next big thing? iPhone5? I believe that the next iPhone will just be another iPhone. Even the current ultrabook trend is just another attempt to match MacBook Air. Remember the discontinued Dell Adamo? It’s really hard to say what will be the next big thing. Certainly, Apple is trying to venture into every technology field and the most recently rumoured of iTV. But even before Apple could think about it, ITV channel has already issued a warning which says that Apple better not think about using “iTV”.