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Birthday …

This is going to be a bit stupid, I think. It’s 6th March today and if you look at it the other way, it would have been my birthday, 3rd June. Anyway, things haven’t gone quite smoothly this year. A lot of worries and troubles. As I posted earlier this year, the first thing we got when we came back from our Christmas holiday was the rent increase. As everyone says, everything has been on the rise except the salary. If only I were, …. that’s not going to happen easily, is it?

Hmm… I wonder what I should get for myself this coming birthday. Is the new iPhone ever going to come out by that time? Tomorrow is the so-called iPad3 launch event but it would also be great if Apple gives a little hint on iPhone, though I doubt it. I would be interested to see iPad3 but I won’t be excited because I already have iPad2. I am not as high as to sell my iPad2 in order to get iPad3 or even purchase iPad3 to have it side by side with my iPad2. Enough said, I am not that rich.

I kind of in need of a new mobile phone. Might be able to persuade Mee to get myself a new mobile phone on my birthday. The truth is, it very much depends on our bank account balance and which phone to get. I have several in mind but still unsure. Maybe it’s time to hit the mobile stores in town and play around with latest mobile phones on display!

Choosing the easy option …


At this moment, this is my 1,089 posts since I started blogging a few year ago. I started out using Flatpress and if I still use it now, I wouldn’t be able to know how many posts I had made, unless I count them manually. I used to dislike popular stuffs like WordPress and Apple. However, they grow on me eventually. Flatpress and non-Apple stuffs are good too. Flatpress was where I polished my HTML, CSS, Javascript and other web skills. When using non-Apple stuffs, I learnt to install all sorts of operating systems from scratch; DOS, any Windows versions, Linux and I even installed MacOSX on my netbook. I also have a great deal of knowledge on hardware too.

Using WordPress and Apple products are like edging towards retirement though it’s not entirely true. It just gives me more time to focus on other stuffs. They are easy to use and I don’t have to worry too much. When I first bought my MacBook Air, Mee used it a few times for only a short few minutes and she didn’t like it. She only likes the appearance and couldn’t adjust herself to the operating system. However, when we were at my sister’s place last Christmas, my MacBook Air was the main computer for Mee. She told me that she loves it a lot especially the speed.

With WordPress, I just let it does the thing. All I need to concentrate is just blog. That’s easy!

Watches tech

Ever since Mee and I came back from my sister’s place after Christmas and New Year, I must say that I haven’t wore my iPod Nano as watch yet. That’s partly because I had bought a Citizen Eco Drive watch which runs on light energy. It doesn’t require any charging or battery. Well, iPod Nano is cool as a watch but I don’t think it is suitable while travelling. I already have my Macbook Air, iPad and phones to charge and I wouldn’t want to worry about another piece of gadget while travelling.

I have to say, if I had bought this Citizen Eco Drive watch before browsing for iPod Nanos, I might have bought iPod Touch instead. While searching for watches that don’t require batteries, I found that most of them were either ugly or too expensive. It’s the Citizen Eco Drive that’s affordable and looks good that caught my attention. It’s quite a new model and no wonder I didn’t see it. Anyway, I still need an iPod just so I can listen to music while at the gym. I had a Sony MP3 player previously and it had broken like a year ago.

In addition, I recently found out why I can’t wear MP3 player for too long. The in-ear type of ear phone is what causing discomfort to my left ear.┬áThe Sony MP3 player that I used had an in-ear noise cancelling ear phone. The ear phone that I use while watching movies in the middle of the night is a JVC in-ear ear phone. Since I bought the iPod Nano which doesn’t come with in-ear ear phone, I could feel the difference immediately. It may not sound as good as but I would rather it be good to my ears.

HTC Desire Android …


My relationship with my HTC Desire is all love or hatred at times. Some interesting Android apps are what keeping my love for it while the hardware limitation is what I hate about it. I wish that the internal memory could have been a lot bigger than 200MB. In fact, it was only 140MB before I rooted it. This internal memory space is where Android installs the apps. In the specification sheet, it states 576MB of there are only 140MB available. The worst part is that older versions of Android do not allow user to install apps on external memory card. Though new Android allows the use of external memory card for apps installation, it still installs bits and pieces onto the internal memory. Eventually, Android will still use up the internal memory in my case.

Having said all that, I must admit that I have done a pretty good job in maximizing it’s potential. To date, I have just over 200 apps installed.

One advantage of Android over iOS is the ability to add widgets on the front screen. However, I kind of like the idea of iOS which is all icons and no widgets. In my case, what’s the point of having dozen of widgets but slowing down my HTC Desire? From now on, I will be configuring my HTC Desire with icons and leaving only the task manager, weather and todo widgets in the homescreen.

If you search on the internet about managing apps, lots of people or even expert will say that you do not need to have task killer app. Android is capable enough in managing memory efficiently. I beg to differ. On many occasions, I have to use task killer app in order to speed up my HTC Desire. It’s true that after a while, it will become slow again but that’s just prove that Android is not good at memory management. Okay, some say that Android app will close itself after the process completes. I know the logic but when will it finish? Most apps seem like taking a second to run but forever to close.

When I reboot my HTC Desire, there will be about 200MB of free memory. After a while, it will drop to 60MB depending on the tasks that I do. Using the task killer app, I could bring it back up to 200MB. However, the longer I use my phone, the less free memory I get. Some apps just run in the background all the time after using it just once. They would not go off unless a reboot. I cannot say that it’s all Android’s fault. It could be all down to the programmers who might not have thought about programming the apps thoroughly. Anyway, I do not know how to create an Android app, I cannot really comment.

I still love my HTC Desire and I do not see any reason why I should change it at the moment. Dual core or not, it does not seem to matter too much for me. It’s running apps happily and I do not suppose Android apps have too much problems like when iOS4 moves to iOS5.

Apple …

Sometimes, things just happen. Last night, right before I went to bed, I turned on my iPad2 and ran Flipboard. Flipboard is an app that allows you to read your feeds from facebook, twitter, and any other feeds like a newspaper. I think it’s cool and actually, I prefer it to Pulse, another app that does almost the same thing. Anyway, while flipping through Flipboard, there was one post that caught my attention. Steve Jobs has passed away. I looked at the post and stopped a few seconds. I just thought, is it real or hoax? Well, it was tweeted by TechRepublic about 8 minutes ago and I don’t think it will be a hoax. Immediately, I searched the internet and things become clearer and it’s true.

I am just starting to like Apple products though the iPhone 4S is a bit of a disappointment. By now, you must have read the difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. In my opinion, I just can’t think what else can new iPhone outdo older iPhone except adding better functionality. But they will always create something that people like me can never thought of which is why I am always the users. Well, I am always in a dilemma. My theory is always not to use the same brand for every product that I use. For example, I use a Mac and iPad2 but an Android phone. It’s good to have something different. However, at the back of my mind, I kind of like having iPhone 4S simply because Mee has an iPhone 4. Don’t take me wrong. It’s just that Mee has an iPhone 4 and I could see how different it is compared to my HTC Desire which has almost identical specification. iPhone4 is just stronger. Even though iPhone 4 processor is an A4 chip while my iPad2 is an A5 chip, I can’t really notice the difference. iPhone 4S could be interesting.