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There have been so many things going on around me and I think I suffer from a bit of memory loss. Before I type a blog post, the first thing that comes to my mind is whether or not I have typed something similar to what I am about to write. I will type it anyway. It’s better to type it twice rather than nothing and most probably, I will add some other things and the phrases that I will be using will be different.


Well, I have most certainly blogged about Mee and my coming trip to Australia and New Zealand. I calculated the number of flights we will be taking and it’s a whopping nine! I wonder if anyone actually travel like us, except those who travel around the world. Honestly, finding the flights and accommodations was a tedious job. I have to match the time between each flight and place to ensure that we have enough time within each different places that we are travelling. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about the time difference because the booking websites calculate all that for me. I would be very stress if internet has not been invented yet. We might as well join a tour and that’s about it.

In the past, I find that going through websites like Expedia, Opodo, air bnb, LastMinute and the likes could provide cheaper deals on both flights and accommodations compare to going direct. But now, they all offer the same prices whether you are going through price comparison websites or direct. On rare occasions, it’s worth checking flights directly from the airline websites.

Another thing that caught my attention was when I booked the accommodation for our stay at Gold Coast. It appears that there are more apartments and villas than hotels. And because of the number of apartments available, they work out cheaper than hotel. In the end, Mee and I decided to book a hotel room anyway as hotels would be more secure. I have read reviews where some apartments only have receptionist from 9am to 5pm. We also agree that hotel would be much quieter than apartments.

Flight booking

While booking for flights, Mee and I tend to look for the cheapest option. It worked in the past but it seems quite different when booking for flight between Australia’s cities. The time can be crucial and the cheapest option always gives either a very early flight or a very late flight. Needless to say, you have to pay more to get the best time; not too early and not too late. Another thing to add to my previous post’s list is that some hotels in Australia charges customers who plan to leave their luggage at the hotel after check out. Anyway, while booking a flight, there’s always this carbon footprint optional charges which I never quite work out what is it about. There was a link underneath there when I was booking for flights within Australia, which I thought it would bring me to a site where it explains in details but it turned out to be some advertisement about hydraulic power units at DFTCorp.com. I gave up in the end but basically, I am just to lazy to find out. And my initial thought has always been that there wouldn’t be many people who are willing to tick something that’s optional and going to add more cost into the booking.

Australia charges everything …

Here I am, eating Ferrero Rocher in the middle of the night. I am quite tired actually but there’s another part of me that’s wide awake. I am hungry at the moment and chocolate is what’s surrounding me. Anyway, I just finished booking 80% of flights and hotels in relation to Mee and my Australia and New Zealand trip. I have to say that it’s quite a tedious job compared to our previous trips. Multiple destinations booking worked when I booked our Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan trip but not this time. Therefore, I have to book multiple one way flight instead. Luckily, they work out to be not very expensive but it’s just the effort in checking each flights and making sure the time matches.

Here are some of the facts that I found out while searching for flights and hotels in Australia. Apparently, there is $15 surcharge when booking flights and 1.5% charge when booking hotels. Most of the hotels don’t offer breakfast included package and when we found one, the breakfast consists of cereal and toast. There’s a charge for extra towels to go to the beach. If you want to check in early, you will have to pay a fee. If you want to check out late, you will have to pay a fee. Best part of all, there is not a single hotel that I can find which includes free wireless internet access. Now I wonder if it will be the same like Amsterdam where you have to pay to use the toilet even at McDonald.

Woes …

Time flies … I always like to use those two words. In fact, I almost forgot about this blog. I only thought about it when I was taking shower last night. I feel bad. Anyway, I didn’t update this blog that frequently because a lot of things happened and I am very busy with my work. The shocking news, though not really shocking, is that my manager has since resigned. He will leave the company early March and no one knows what will happen then. A lot of staffs have been put at the ‘at risk’ category. I am still fine because we are actually short staffed. No one can actually do my work at the moment, hence, I am still safe. That goes the same with my other colleagues in my department. Well, we are in the same department but the works that we do are totally different.

I have changed my daily habit quite a bit minus the late sleeping part. I am still trying to coach myself to sleep early but it’s always until midnight where I start to get all energetic. I have started to take shower before having dinner. The vacuuming routine has changed from Sunday to Monday instead. Mee and I have started attending gym classes during weekend; Body Balance on Saturday and Zumba on Sunday. Well, Zumba is only for Mee as I am not interested. I will just be in the gym area doing free weights stuff. We used to also go to the gym on Tuesday as Mee attended aqua fit class. However, the pool has closed since before Christmas and will only be opened next week. Hence, we have been staying at home all this while on every Tuesday.

Right now, Mee and I can’t wait until our booked holiday period. The last time we went abroad was almost four months ago and it seems like forever. This time, we are quite ambitious as we will be going to Australia and possibly New Zealand. Mee has a couple of friends living in Australia and we could save quite a bit in the accommodation side of things. In addition, my uncle and his family lives in New Zealand, hence, we will most probably be going there and stay at his house for a few days while sight seeing.