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Halted plans …

Just a few weeks ago, I had a lot of plans. A lot of which I am really interested in doing like improving my web skills as well as creating iOS Apps. I am not thinking about money here and they are purely my type of hobbies. Well, I got all setup only to be interrupted but a few things. I received a snail mail from LoveFilm which I did blog previously. I signed up a 30-day trial and in return, I received a £20 Amazon voucher. From the time that I signed up, I spent most of my evening watching movies online on LoveFilm. At the same time, my workload increased and my only ways to reward myself after a long hard work day are playing games and watching movies. In addition, Infinity Blade II was released about a week ago. I am truly busy getting my hands on this sequel. For some people, it might be difficult to understand but I am sure everyone has their own way of rewarding or de-stressing at the end of each day.

Well, that’s how I spend most of my time everyday. I tried reading iOS apps making stuff from the internet but I found it difficult to concentrate. I couldn’t do it during work time because I have no equipment to test. For a start, I need Mac OS in order to program an app and an iPhone to test the app. I could say it’s work related as my idea is to create an app where I could access my work information anywhere with internet connectivity. I have tried numerous ways in improving my skills but most of the time, I didn’t get anywhere as I didn’t have any purpose or target to pursue. In the past, I managed to learn great deal of web skills when I first started blogging. Not very long after that, I took my web skills to the next level as I was tasked to revamp my workplace’s website. This is where I thought about creating an iOS app to display the information of my workplace’s website but on a smaller scale.

Anyway, the progress may be slower that what I would like in the first place, but I do believe that I will be able to accomplish them some time in the future. Christmas is coming and I have about two weeks of holiday. That might be a good to time to starting something new?!

Fresh new look!

It has been a long week. My work on moving from Flatpress to WordPress is considered successful and almost complete now. I have moved all the posts here including the pictures which is good. I still need to tweak this new WordPress thingy to be how I wanted it to be. The plugins available are great to use but somehow, there are too many to choose from. I have to test out a few before finally deciding which one to use. I still quite like the idea of editing to code as most of the plugins do not do exactly what they claim to be doing. For example, I tried out several Google Adsense plugins but none of them does exactly what I want especially the positions of the ads. I am better off placing my Google Adsense code rather than having to rely on the plugins. I have also started exploring Chitika but so far, I feel that having too many ads just make my blog looks complicated and difficult to read. At one point, Chitika was displaying paramedic jobs advertisement where I never really blog about recently.

Furthermore, I really need to seriously think about what I want to blog here. At the moment, my posts’ topics are too wide. I am glad that it still ranks two in Google pagerank. However, I do believe that I can do better now that I have a dedicated web host in addition to using WordPress. Thus, the single most important way to improve this blog is to focus on something more specific to write about. Until I can find that ‘something’, I will still blog freely!