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Just last week, Mee received a survey opportunity which she will receive up to 4500 points if she went to a shop in town to look at some sunglasses. She chose Debenhams and before she went into Debenhams, she had to fire up an app and follow the instructions. The first thing to do was search for the shop’s name, Debenhams, within the app. Once found, the second instruction was to ask Mee to go into the shop and test as many pair of sunglasses as she can. The time frame given was an hour but Mee can end the survey any time she wanted, but not more than an hour.

The first thing we noticed when we went to the sunglasses area in Debenhams was this funky julbo sunglasses. We tried on a few pairs and we quite pleased with them. However, the sales persons were nowhere to be seen. Otherwise, Mee and I could have bought ourselves a couple pair of sunglasses. Next, we just randomly browsed another few pairs and left Debenhams. We just thought the service was appalling. We were there for at least 15 minutes but there were no one there to help us and it was weekend. People are saying that high street stores are getting beaten up by online stores and they are wondering why?

After we came out of Debenhams, Mee fired up the app again and a few questions later, the survey was completed. Shame it didn’t ask about the service of the store!

Virgin Media Offer …

Recently, I received a letter from Virgin Media offering a free trial upgrade of my TV package from size M to M+. The TV package size M was no longer in any of  Virgin Media’s bundles ages ago and I believe that this trial offer is to attract me into upgrading my current size M package. To be honest, Mee and I don’t really feel the need of upgrading to M+ as we haven’t really tuned in to any of the extra TV channels at all. The trial upgrade ends in April and it will just switch back to size M. Eventually, I believe that we will be forced to upgrade anyway and we will be told that Virgin Media no longer offers TV size M.

One thing that stopped us from shopping around for other TV and broadband packages’ service provider is that I quite like Virgin Media’s customer service. As bad as it may be, I think it’s still better than the others. About a year ago, I had a big row with it’s customer service, which I believe stationed in India, and it’s about intermittent broadband service especially during weekend. Weeks after weeks and they offered little support and the technicians just came and fixed it, and it went bad after they left. In the end, someone sensible said that the cable had to be replaced. I was directed to the support team in UK and they gave me a month’s free plus another month for the time when I didn’t get their broadband service.

It’s sorted and a few days later, I received a call from a Virgin Media guy asking if everything was alright. It was a mobile number and the guy told me to save the number and that he is in charge of the Virgin Media customers in my area. If there’s anything wrong in the future, he will be the one to contact. It’s been a year and we didn’t have the need to call him at all, but I wouldn’t know if he is still working for Virgin Media anyway. Oh, I called the customer service a few months ago and upon checking, the customer service guy just said that the modem that we were using was too old and he will be sending a new one. A couple of days later, we received the new modem and problem solved. Somehow, I was really satisfied with that the most recent experience. I was quite keen to try other service provider such as Sky but I don’t really like the use of satellite dish. Well, sooner or later, Mee and I will move out of this place and not every area in Basingstoke can have Virgin Media. We’ll see.

Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2 …

Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2
Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2

This is my new Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2. Well, it’s new for me but it’s a refurbished unit. However, I have to refund it. I tested it today but it just couldn’t pick up any GPS signal at all. I tried my HTC Desire and it was able to get a GPS signal in less than 30 seconds. I was impressed though because it used to take a lot longer than that. Anyway, I like to think that I am not refrained from buying Tomtom again as this is a refurbished unit. But I would have thought that a refurbished unit should be thoroughly tested before it’s for sale again. Clearly they didn’t do a good job on this particular unit. On the other hand, I must say that I am satisfied with the way the customer service handle my case. They clearly know what they are doing.

Returning the item is also quite easy. I was given a UPS number to call and also an account details which I believe UPS will charge Tomtom for the delivery using that account details. So, UPS will come tomorrow morning to my place to collect the Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2 and all I need to do is to write the address and put the Tomtom into the parcel.

Even though it’s a not working unit, I am still quite pleased with this Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2. The 4.3″ screen is a plus and the battery life seems to be better than my previous Tomtom One, which got stolen on a trip to Italy. I like the handle that fix the Tomtom to the windscreen too. It’s attached firmly to the Tomtom body which makes it look like one whole unit. I like to try other models of Tomtom like the Tomtom Start 25 but it’s over £100. I don’t see any point in getting a navigator for over £100 as I don’t really use it a lot. I think I will go out to high street and purchase myself another Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2.

On another note, the picture is taken using my HTC Desire WordPress app. I haven’t been using the WordPress app for a while now though I keep updating it whenever there’s a new version. Well, the latest version looks really nice and easy to use. It does improve a lot and I hope I will make use of it more often in the future.