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Diablo II …

Just a couple of days ago, Mee spotted some iPad2 casing on discount. They were really cheap and I was quite interesting in getting one. However, I somehow told myself not to get one just for the sake of getting one. I went through Amazon, eBay and Play.com. The prices were attractive but the cases didn’t fit for my purpose. So, why waste the money and space when I already have one.

Anyway, while browsing, I saw a huge advertisement about Diablo III. The problem that I have now is whenever I see something about games, I will be thinking whether or not there will be a version of it in iPad. Sadly no. It costs about £35 for a Mac version of Diablo III but I am not even sure if my Macbook Air could run it properly. In the end, I went for the alternative. I downloaded a copy of Diablo II, installed Windows XP on my Macbook Air using Parallel and Diablo II runs effortlessly.

Diablo II

The version of my Diablo II comes with Lord of Destruction expansion pack and it’s patched up to v1.13. The game itself only supports 800X600 resolution which looks small on my Macbook Air. I turned to the Google and it found an answer for me; D2MultiRes. It didn’t work out of the box as it only supports up to v1.12. Some Korean guy posted his own version of resolution hack for v1.13 but it all seemed a bit complicated. I was determined to get D2MultiRes working and hence downgraded from v1.13 to v1.12. I don’t suppose there’s a huge difference between the two.

Once downgraded, I was able to use D2MultiRes to run Diablo II and pumped up the resolution to 1440X900. It was superb. I guess there will be hours of gaming ahead!