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Liverpool …

It is really disappointing following Liverpool’s progress in the English Premier League. Just last week, they won against Tottenham with a score of 3-2. In fact, I didn’t believe that Liverpool would win when they were down by one goal. Miraculously, they won. The week before, they won against Wigan with an impressive score of 0-4 away score. Yet today, they lost to Southampton 3-1. Why can’t they be consistent? Every time when Liverpool look like they are performing well and down they come again. The manager and players kept saying that they will play like every match is a final. It’s just show how much they really want to win and apparently, not enough compare to other teams. Will they bring in more players in the next transfer period and will that make any difference? I doubt so since the mentality will still be the same. I don’t think there’s another English Premier League team that is so inconsistent like Liverpool.

Fifa 13 …

You can almost see me playing Fifa 12 on my iPad almost everyday. My aim at the moment is to collect every trophy available by jumping from a team to another. Well, I need to win of course. So far, I have moved from English Premier League to German League. Things have gone quite smooth with me losing just a few matches. Unfortunately, there’s only one trophy to collect in the German League and I have just lost it. Hence, I have to finish this season and pursue the trophy in the next season. In case you are wondering why I couldn’t just restart the losing match and try to win it again, I play Fifa 12 without restarting any match no matter how impossible the AI play. Sometimes, my team is strong and sometimes, my team is weak. That goes the same to the AI. I consider it fair play and even the greatest Barcelona team, in real life, lose occasionally.

Fifa 13

The good news is Fifa 13 is on its way in the recent EA conference. I wonder if Fifa 13 for iPad will be launched at the same time with the launch of Fifa 13 for other consoles. I hope so and I am very excited with the improvements that EA is going to bring now that iPad has kind of become a game console in some gamers’ mind; me in particular. I don’t think there is much to change in gameplay as it’s quite good for me already. It could do with some refinement but I don’t think that it needs more tricks and fancy stuffs as players in real life are not able to make that many tricks. The career and team management certainly need some attention. In game information such as man of the match, hat trick, and scoreboard can make the game more interesting. Anyway, I just hope that it will keep getting better and not just making some cosmetic changing while still reporting the wrong statistics.