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Great IT Plans …

Over the past few days, I have the sudden urge of getting my IT stuffs done. My MacBook Air’s copy of virtual Windows 7 isn’t working properly since a few months ago and my Samsung NC10 netbook’s operating system is corrupted like almost a year ago. By my usual standard, I would have fixed them long time ago. Instead, I seem to have put all things on halt. I am not sure why but busy isn’t the word I am looking for. Must be games. My weakness for gaming sometimes really put me behind of schedule. However, it’s undeniable that gaming relaxes my mind and I really need that.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Anyway, I have a few plans going on. First, I have downloaded Windows 8 consumer preview, ready to replace my MacBook Air’s copy of virtual Windows 7. It expires next January and should give me plenty of time to play with it. I will just reinstall Windows 7 when it expires as it’s virtual anyway. Then I shall fix my Samsung NC10 netbook. I plan to install iTunes on it and turn on the sharing function. Hence, it will be like a little server where I can just stream music from it rather than storing music files on my MacBook Air which has got limited space. If I had the space, I might turn it into a little netbook mini hifi as I have a spare set of 2.1 speakers.

I have also longed to replace my current desktop PC with Mac mini. Well, it’s not exactly my desktop, it’s more like Mee’s desktop. It’s not the time yet but sooner or later, I hope to turn the desktop PC into a media server.

To be honest, I am getting quite excited when I speak about it. I will be installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview tonight and from there, I hope that I can continue with what I have planned. Fingers crossed and I should be allocating some time for my gaming session!

Little but huge iPad2

It’s been almost half a year since Mee bought me an iPad2. It’s a great device and I am not sure if I will ever be going back to gaming on my Sony PSP. I will try that someday but it might not be as pleasing to the eye as iPad2; well, gaming on a 9.7″ compared to 4.3″. Loading time is significantly shorter too. I have to admit though, holding my iPad2 with both of my hands at the bottom corner and playing Fifa12 does look weird. In addition, I bought a Fling iPad joystick to enhance the gaming experience. It works really good but I just hope that there will be a better and sturdier joystick developed in the near future.

Unlike my Macbook Air where it’s battery drains quickly when performing intensive tasks, I can play games for a day without the need to charge my iPad2. iPad2 doesn’t seem to be affected a lot by the types of apps or games that it runs and the WiFi is connected all the times. My Sony PSP now lasts about 2 hours I think.

I think of iPad2 as a gaming device now though it’s also very handy for browsing, checking emails and social networking. Just unlock it and fire away. One thing for sure, I don’t think I will categorised it as e-book readers as I don’t read a lot of books. Reading e-magazines is a better experience but they usually come with a cost.