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Loving Android again

I am starting to love my mobile phone again. Yes, the same old HTC Desire. As you may have already know, I have been complaining about the space. To solve that, I found an app call Simple2Ext. How it works is to move almost every single bits of an app or game from the internal memory to the external card. Sadly, it didn’t work for me and it even damaged my sd card ext partition. In the end, I couldn’t access my mobile as it needs the ext to work. I formatted my mobile and re-flashed it again with Cyanogenmod ROM. I was tempted to try MIUI ROM but I thought I am going to change the interface by using other apps anyway, hence the ROM shouldn’t be too much of a factor especially Cyanogenmod is already well established. So, everything clean and I tried the Simple2Ext and it just won’t work for me and my HTC Desire.

Another search and Link2SD came out. Well, it turns out to be what I needed and it’s better than Firerat script which I used before this. It’s been faultless so far and the formatting did my HTC Desire good as well. I manage to tidy up some of the apps which I haven’t used a long time, in other words, not installing them again.I shall be posting my screen again some time later. Well, to summarise, I am using Go Launcher EX as the main app and WidgetLocker as the lock screen app. Yes, I paid to get WidgetLocker and it is the first and only paid app for my Android device.

Social network apps play an important part too. Facebook and twitter are almost the must install apps and there’s a new addition, Instagram. I just find it a lot easier to capture photo and publish it online. Actually, it should be the same as using Facebook but I like the effects that you can use. However, I don’t like how the Instagram app work. For example, the loading of the pages are slow, even when looking at my profile. Just the other day, I was looking at some popular photos and it just stuck on a picture with a wall mounted fireplace posted by someone from half way round the world. Anyway, I will just be using Instagram to take photos at the moment. Twitter, I hope to make more use of it but I just don’t get the hang of it. Maybe I will install a widget right in the front screen of my HTC Desire and that way, I can post anything easily and immediately.

IT plan continues

Just two days ago, I powered up my netbook and found out that the battery wasn’t charging. I tried to plug and unplug numerous times but to no avail. I searched the internet for solutions and apparently, there have been many cases where Samsung NC10’s battery just died suddenly. Some users had only used it for a couple of month. In a way, I am considered lucky because I bought it at the end of 2008 with moderate usage before I bought MacBook Air. It has been left in the cupboard for almost a year. Until I took it out last week to restore it. Surprisingly, it’s charging again last night. However, the calibration is off and the operating system will just show that the battery is empty all the time and the battery light will always be in charging state no matter how many hours I leave it plugged. Anyway, it’s charging and I can’t ask for more for now.

I am slowly turning it into a mini server. I have installed iTunes and it is now home sharing musics to my MacBook Air and iPad2. I have also created a shared folder and moved some of my files from MacBook Air to the folder. So far so good and hopefully, I can start freeing up my MacBook Air disk spaces.

I think I am kind of satisfied with the gadgets that I have at the moment. The only complain that I have would be my mobile phone. Though it’s less than two-year-old, I am starting to get annoyed by it. It’s constantly on low disk space state which means I can’t install anymore stuffs in it. I still can’t understand why Android is designed to utilise a mobile phone disk space so poorly. For example, my HTC Desire has around 500MB of ROM. Out of the 500MB, only 200MB can be used for apps and games. Even though I can move the apps and games to my 4GB SD card, it still leaves some bits and pieces in the ROM. And any cache is stored in the 200MB internal memory space instead of the 4GB SD card. I didn’t have to deal with this kind of problem when I used Windows Phone 6 and Android is considered to be much more advance and newer. I wonder why?

The one gadget that I will not get for myself is ereaders. My sis has asked me to “like” Amazon Kindle to enter a prize draw. Well, I have just done it though I am not really keen on doing that. Coincidentally, the drawing date is the same date as the draw for some of my charity raffle tickets that I bought yesterday. Hmm… I do hope to win something thought I am rubbish when it comes to prize drawing and stuffs.

HTC One X …


The advertisement of HTC One X has certainly ignited my interest in mobile phones. It’s been quite a while since I acquire my HTC Desire and so far, I have only been following iPhone news rather than Android mobile phones. Not even the Samsung Galaxy range is in my radar. Well, I used to be a fan of Samsung considering that I still own a Samsung Netbook and bought a Samsung Omnia a few years ago. Samsung Omnia could be a great mobile phone but the finish of the phone was just disappointing. All comments that I heard about Samsung mobile phones are just that they have a plastic feel.

The transition from Samsung to HTC has made me realized that how poor Samsung Omnia was made. I have been to mobile phone stores to try out Samsung Galaxy SII and though the cover felt better but it still reminded me of Samsung Omnia. And since Mee bought her iPhone 4, the quality is definitely a lot better than HTC and Samsung.

Anyway, HTC One X looks like a fast machine from all aspects. What I like about it is the internal storage. Yeah, Samsung Galaxy SII has the same and bigger storage but I am comparing it against my HTC Desire. HTC Desire relies a lot on it’s external storage and the problem with external storage is that it just slows down the phone due to the fact that Android operating system is designed to store some files into the internal storage during apps and games installation. With just around 200MB of internal storage, you can see how much I love my next phone to have huge internal storage.

What matters most is actually the operating system. Personally, I think both Android and iOS are great fun to use. Windows Phone is climbing fast but everything I see is associated to iOS first. The most recent example was when I browsed to HSBC homepage. If I had an iPhone, I will be able to check my manage my current account everywhere I go. However, to be honest, I am a little bit wary when it comes to managing money on mobile phone. I had PayPal app on my HTC Desire previously but I have since uninstalled it. It just looked a bit insecure.

The Next Big Thing …

Technology is moving at a very fast rate than ever before. In fact, it is so fast that I believe some gadgets are overpowered. A quad core mobile phone for example. Do we really need it? Would it even make a huge difference? I doubt so. For a computer or laptop, definitely. I guess most of the companies are either running out of ideas  or they are trying to release bits by bits just so they could squeeze our pockets till they get the last penny.

If you look at the past few years of mobile phones’ design, they all look similar. Touch screen smartphone is popular and who would have thought that a bigger touch screen smartphone-like is a big hit? Apple did and others follow. Again, two iPads later, the new iPad still has the same look. The big difference to me would be the Retina display. 5MP camera doesn’t impress me because that’s something we find in everyday smartphone technology. Take a look at Samsung. You could never tell which is which as they all look the same. The only difference is the hardware; faster processor, higher RAM and newer operating system. I will be forced to upgrade my HTC Desire when Android no longer supports it but not because I am attracted to new smartphone designs. On the other hand, there’s always custom ROMs available to choose.

What exactly is the next big thing? iPhone5? I believe that the next iPhone will just be another iPhone. Even the current ultrabook trend is just another attempt to match MacBook Air. Remember the discontinued Dell Adamo? It’s really hard to say what will be the next big thing. Certainly, Apple is trying to venture into every technology field and the most recently rumoured of iTV. But even before Apple could think about it, ITV channel has already issued a warning which says that Apple better not think about using “iTV”.

iOS Paradise Island HD …

Paradise Island
Paradise Island

Well, what else, it’s Paradise Island again. I am still playing it and now on both devices; HTC Desire and iPad. I know I have said that I won’t be playing it on my iPad in my previous post but now that I have learned a lot from playing Paradise Island on my HTC Desire, I have decided to start fresh on my iPad. It is so much faster running on iPad and there are more features available on the iPad version. For example, I can give presents to other online friends whereas the Android version has no such feature. With the speed and the screen size, I am able to gain points quicker, therefore, up my level faster. However, I have experienced some buildings disappear but I am thinking that I might have accidentally demolished the building instead.

Android Themes …

Android Home Screen
Aerish GTX

I have always said about Android themes and a while ago, I published my Android home screen with the title Almost Perfect Android Home Screen. In fact, it’s the home screen that’s keeping me intact with my HTC Desire. Looking at the screen from the previous post, it looks normal like everyone would have on their Android phone. However, I searched high and low recently and managed to put together a few widgets and themes to get the home screen. Well, this is the home screen that I consider to be stylish and elegant yet giving my all the information that I need in one screen. All the widgets and themes are totally free; nothing paid or cracked.

  1. Cyanogenmod Theme – Aerish GTX
  2. Go Launcher EX Theme – Aerish GTX
  3. Weather – 1Weather
  4. Clock – BobClockD3
  5. Calendar – Simple Calendar
  6. Go SMS – Aerish GTX

Now I just love to look at the home screen though the additional pages still look a bit rubbish. Anyway, my plan is to just have icons like iOS for other pages for quick access to apps and games. I do hope that someday, they will create an Aerish GTX theme for Go Locker. The closest match is Diva Theme Go Locker.

For Facebook fans, there’s FaceDroid but I don’t like the matching color; red and blue. I thought it would be better to have white and blue instead.