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Relying Cloud …

I am getting a little worried about my MacBook Air now. The screen tends to flicker quite frequently but I just hope that it is the OS that’s causing it to behave like that. I don’t think that I have backed up all the photos. I must keep that in mind. So far, I have only backed up my iTunes files and most of my documents are in the Cloud. I tend not to store any documents in the hard drive now. With Cloud, I can access it with my devices and anywhere I want. Cloud may sound like an advance piece of web technology to some people but not many people know that they have already been using Cloud as far back as 10 years ago. Maybe more. I think the first time I use Cloud was about 16 years ago. In case you still haven’t got a clue about Cloud, think about email. When did you register your first email account?

I believe my first email account was with Hotmail. Well, with Hotmail, I can access my email anywhere I want as long as I have internet access. Essentially, Hotmail is a type of Cloud service and that Cloud term is made popular by Apple when they introduced iCloud. A lot of things have been around with us for a long time but no one really take notice of it. iPad for example. There has already been touch screen devices long before iPad. Yet people are obsessed with tablets only after the introduction of iPad. Anyone can make a product but not anyone can sell it successfully.

iTunes home sharing

Since I turned on iTunes home sharing, I kind of like the idea a lot. Apple products are naturally compatible with iTunes and iTunes is available to Windows operating system as well. By having iTunes installed, I can use the home sharing function and every gadgets on the same network will be able to browse the same collection of musics. I no longer have to be thinking about where I should be storing my musics. Even more, I have also started to let iTunes organise my musics rather than organising them myself. There is also one particular good option in iTunes which is the ability to show duplicates. Most of the time, I download UK Top 40 and you know, the songs in the Top 40 are mostly the same for few weeks in a row with occasionally a few new songs. With the show duplicates function, I don’t have to compare the list myself.

After using iTunes home sharing, it kind of makes me want to get myself an iPhone. Integrated is great when it all works. And in this case, Apple products really work well. iCloud would be the next thing on my list. And Apple TV. And an iMac. Hmm… I wonder if I will be categorised as Apple fan? But as my friend said, if it’s good, why not?

Since I started using home sharing, it seems like I am getting a lot of music related advertisement such as buy Allen Heath mixer. I must admit that I ran Garageband a few times too. And some of the advertisement is related to the keyboard that I bought many months ago. Anyway, I wonder if these advertisement really brings them any business at all as most of the time, I don’t click them.

On another note, it’s my birthday today. Happy Birthday to me!

Mac OS X Lion owned …

Mac OS X Lion
Mac OS X Lion

I finally did it. I downloaded Mac OS X Lion last night in less than an hour; 48 mins to be exact. It costs £20.99 and so far, I think it’s worth it. I don’t know each of the 250 new features and I am probably only interested in the full screen. However, as I use it, I discovered a few additional features, most noticeably the auto correct function which is the same as iOS. It is a great addition rather than having to right click a word in order to correct it. I am still trying to get use to the scrolling and swiping of the trackpad. Mac OS X Lion has reversed the scrolling and while I don’t think it’s difficult to use, I don’t think it’s something that people should complain about either. Anyway, it can be reverted back to how it use to be in the settings.

On other notes, I don’t think it slows down my Macbook Air and I don’t feel any speed improvement either. iCloud is only useful for me to find my iPad2 and Macbook Air. I don’t backup my data on it for now as I use Google more at the moment. The annoying thing is that MobileMe still exists in the setting menu. I thought iCloud has replaced MobileMe completely. The even more annoying thing is that it is a known problem that Lion users cannot sign in to MobileMe. So, every time I try to sync my Google stuffs, it will throw out a message requesting me to login to MobileMe.

I am quite happy with Mac OS X Lion. I haven’t experienced any serious problems. Some users reported that some swipe motions causes Safari to close unexpectedly. But Safari works fine for me and I am just loving the real full screen feature!