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HTC One X …


The advertisement of HTC One X has certainly ignited my interest in mobile phones. It’s been quite a while since I acquire my HTC Desire and so far, I have only been following iPhone news rather than Android mobile phones. Not even the Samsung Galaxy range is in my radar. Well, I used to be a fan of Samsung considering that I still own a Samsung Netbook and bought a Samsung Omnia a few years ago. Samsung Omnia could be a great mobile phone but the finish of the phone was just disappointing. All comments that I heard about Samsung mobile phones are just that they have a plastic feel.

The transition from Samsung to HTC has made me realized that how poor Samsung Omnia was made. I have been to mobile phone stores to try out Samsung Galaxy SII and though the cover felt better but it still reminded me of Samsung Omnia. And since Mee bought her iPhone 4, the quality is definitely a lot better than HTC and Samsung.

Anyway, HTC One X looks like a fast machine from all aspects. What I like about it is the internal storage. Yeah, Samsung Galaxy SII has the same and bigger storage but I am comparing it against my HTC Desire. HTC Desire relies a lot on it’s external storage and the problem with external storage is that it just slows down the phone due to the fact that Android operating system is designed to store some files into the internal storage during apps and games installation. With just around 200MB of internal storage, you can see how much I love my next phone to have huge internal storage.

What matters most is actually the operating system. Personally, I think both Android and iOS are great fun to use. Windows Phone is climbing fast but everything I see is associated to iOS first. The most recent example was when I browsed to HSBC homepage. If I had an iPhone, I will be able to check my manage my current account everywhere I go. However, to be honest, I am a little bit wary when it comes to managing money on mobile phone. I had PayPal app on my HTC Desire previously but I have since uninstalled it. It just looked a bit insecure.

iOS Paradise Island HD …

Paradise Island
Paradise Island

Well, what else, it’s Paradise Island again. I am still playing it and now on both devices; HTC Desire and iPad. I know I have said that I won’t be playing it on my iPad in my previous post but now that I have learned a lot from playing Paradise Island on my HTC Desire, I have decided to start fresh on my iPad. It is so much faster running on iPad and there are more features available on the iPad version. For example, I can give presents to other online friends whereas the Android version has no such feature. With the speed and the screen size, I am able to gain points quicker, therefore, up my level faster. However, I have experienced some buildings disappear but I am thinking that I might have accidentally demolished the building instead.

iPad3 coming next week …

Yeah, it’s almost official. Apple is most likely going to announce iPad3 next week. There are already some technology blog posts stating that iPad3 already shipping out of China to US. True or not, I will still stick to my iPad2. The reason is simple, it costs too much to keep up with these technology that introduce a new version every year. I am satisfied with my iPad2. There will come a day when my iPad2 couldn’t support apps and games anymore and that will be the day I buy a new tablet. Unexpected event might happen but I won’t go into that.

As iPad3 news bombarding most technology sites, I start to think about iPhone5 or whatever Apple going to call it the next generation of iPhone. Will I be getting one? To be honest, I almost went out and bought iPhone4S. Yes, I was very determine to own an iPhone. However, it is not the case now. Having both iPad2 and HTC Desire Android phone made me think that I can do so much more with two different devices. If one won’t work, I have the option to try the other. If I ended up only using iOS, I will be stuck.

Android is good and it’s perfect for me. But I am just disappointed with its performance against iPhone. Technology improves on a daily basis and considering my HTC Desire is already one and a half years old, it’s still keeping up well. I read many reviews about dual core and quad core Android mobile devices and all were talking about how fast the devices performed. I went to the Carphonewarehouse and picked up a test unit of Samsung Galaxy SII and it was disappointing. It was slow and sluggish. Maybe it was battered being a display unit, I thought to myself. Even the Nokia Lumia 800 sitting beside Samsung Galaxy SII running on a single core processor was faster. When I went to the Apple Store to try out the iPhone 4S, it was clearly faster than iPhone 4. I still very much love how things perform quicker on iOS compared to Android but I found a new love too, Windows Phone. Well, anything that’s fast is welcomed instantly.

I always like to compare between Apple Store and Android Market. It is so much easy to update apps and games on Apple Store while updating apps and games on Android Market makes the phone almost unusable at times. Having said all that, I might still go for an Android phone the next time I think about upgrading. Might be a Windows Phone too.

iPod Touch vs PSP …

I remember that I posted something about The Gadget Show last year. It was about one of their reviews on top portable gaming console. iPod Touch came out top, beating PSP and Nintendo and I was admittedly quite furious especially the review was demonstrated by Jason, whom I disliked at that time. A few more episodes, I began to see his funny side and his tremendous gadget knowledge. Anyway, I was spending a lot of time on my PSP at that time mainly because I only have PSP for gaming purposes. The desktop PC is mainly for Mee to use. I later bought a Samsung netbook and the desktop PC is now serving Mee full time. PSP was my only companion before the Samsung netbook.

When I saw that review, I thought how could iPod Touch be the best portable gaming console when it’s not even designed for gaming. I still think I was right but also wrong. Having own an iPad now, I can see how iPod Touch can compete against PSP. The screen is gorgeous though not as big as PSP. Initially, I thought touch screen control would not be better than physical control. Well, I play Fifa 12 on my iPad almost daily now and I do not feel that it is any different from playing Fifa on PSP. True enough, Fifa 11 for iOS was not really a good game to play with but the jump to Fifa 12 really makes it on par with PSP Fifa games. I believe that Fifa 13 will be really great to play.

Adding the accelerometer, playing racing games offers better experience than PSP. Okay, you might say that PSP Vita covers all these but the price is double the price of an iPod Touch. At the time of the review, PSP was still the chunky ones.

iPod Touch does a lot more things mainly because it runs iOS. It’s almost limitless compare to what you can do with PSP. The battery lasts longer and small to pocket too. On top of all that, the loading time is significantly faster than PSP and I can jump from games to games quickly and easily. I don’t even have to worry that I might worn out my PSP buttons and joystick anymore.

Apps that help

Candy Apples

I have just been into Facebook. It’s been quite a while since I last browsed through my friends’ pictures. The fact is, there is so many information that gets updated these days and if I haven’t been in Facebook for a day, I will be lost in the sea of news feed. Hence, I just take it easy and only login whenever I feel like it and browse anything which appears on my news feed. Anyway, I just saw some incredible candy apples pictures post by one of my Facebook friends. They look incredibly delicious and unique. I wonder if the pictures were taken in a shop or they were actually made by my friend. Some of her friends have already made some comments but she still hasn’t replied yet. I can’t wait to find out.

Talking about my approach on Facebook, I find that Flipboard really helps a lot. Flipboard is an iOS app that displays feeds from any sources like Facebook, twitter and RSS feeds. I just entered my Facebook account, Flipboard will then display my Facebook’s news feed like a newspaper format. I can then flip through from the latest posts to the last posts that Flipboard allows. Using Flipboard, I can still make comments, likes as well as create new posts. Thanks to the app integration, I can view Youtube videos effortlessly and zoom pictures by pinching the screen. I used to like Pulse but Flipboard just take the feeds reading to a whole new level.

HTC Desire Android …


My relationship with my HTC Desire is all love or hatred at times. Some interesting Android apps are what keeping my love for it while the hardware limitation is what I hate about it. I wish that the internal memory could have been a lot bigger than 200MB. In fact, it was only 140MB before I rooted it. This internal memory space is where Android installs the apps. In the specification sheet, it states 576MB of there are only 140MB available. The worst part is that older versions of Android do not allow user to install apps on external memory card. Though new Android allows the use of external memory card for apps installation, it still installs bits and pieces onto the internal memory. Eventually, Android will still use up the internal memory in my case.

Having said all that, I must admit that I have done a pretty good job in maximizing it’s potential. To date, I have just over 200 apps installed.

One advantage of Android over iOS is the ability to add widgets on the front screen. However, I kind of like the idea of iOS which is all icons and no widgets. In my case, what’s the point of having dozen of widgets but slowing down my HTC Desire? From now on, I will be configuring my HTC Desire with icons and leaving only the task manager, weather and todo widgets in the homescreen.

If you search on the internet about managing apps, lots of people or even expert will say that you do not need to have task killer app. Android is capable enough in managing memory efficiently. I beg to differ. On many occasions, I have to use task killer app in order to speed up my HTC Desire. It’s true that after a while, it will become slow again but that’s just prove that Android is not good at memory management. Okay, some say that Android app will close itself after the process completes. I know the logic but when will it finish? Most apps seem like taking a second to run but forever to close.

When I reboot my HTC Desire, there will be about 200MB of free memory. After a while, it will drop to 60MB depending on the tasks that I do. Using the task killer app, I could bring it back up to 200MB. However, the longer I use my phone, the less free memory I get. Some apps just run in the background all the time after using it just once. They would not go off unless a reboot. I cannot say that it’s all Android’s fault. It could be all down to the programmers who might not have thought about programming the apps thoroughly. Anyway, I do not know how to create an Android app, I cannot really comment.

I still love my HTC Desire and I do not see any reason why I should change it at the moment. Dual core or not, it does not seem to matter too much for me. It’s running apps happily and I do not suppose Android apps have too much problems like when iOS4 moves to iOS5.