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Not Too Long

Well, it doesn’t seem to be that long since I last posted something here. A lot of things have been going on and I just hasn’t got the time or mood to post. I thought it must have been about six months since I last posted. Surprisingly, it’s not even two months. With all the gadgets that I have, I seem to have become less excited in blogging.

When I first started blogging with just shared computer, I wish that I could have a laptop. When I finally have enough money to buy a netbook, which was great for blogging by the way, I still failed to blog more often. Not long after, I complained about my netbook being slow. Well, it’s more about Windows being slow rather than the netbook itself. I bought a MacBook Air. It starts up in less than 5 seconds and I still failed to update my blog as much as I like.

Then another question popped up. It would be great to have an iPad. It’s portable and WordPress has an app for it. It will be faster than my MacBook Air. Posting from an app, how cool would that be at that time. Still, it’s no answer to my blogging habit. In fact, I don’t think I ever posted anything using my iPad.

Another question popped up. iPad doesn’t have a 3G connection. That means I cannot post anywhere I like. My HTC I just too slow. I have to have an iPhone. I bought one. The worst case now is that I post less and less with all the gadgets I have. Maybe blogging is an excuse for me to get new gadgets? To be quite honest, I am not sure what other gadgets I can get now by using blogging as an excuse.


Christmas is getting closer. At work, you can hear Christmas songs and musics playing repeatedly in some departments. Even the all male IT department has got a medium size Christmas tree and dozens of Christmas decoration items. On TV, all sorts of retailers regardless big or small have started advertising. I guess it’s sort of a final push as the week after next is Christmas! Even Apple has its iPod advert rolling almost every hour. The new iPad Mini app is also kind of cute when it uses Garageband app to make the introduction. Microsoft too has its Surface tablet advert accompanied with interesting combination of music styles. And of course, gaming; PS3, Nintendo Wii and XBox. Games about music, such as Zumba, seem to be quite popular nowadays. On very rare occasion, we also see software advertisement such as the top ableton live and antivirus software. Anyway, surely anyone will be using Christmas as an excuse to buy whatever that they want.

Decision ….

I am just going to talk about what’s everyone has been talking these days; iPhone 5. The preorder was finished in about 1 – 2 hours and many predicts that the retail sales will be finished by Sunday. Expect lots of people queuing up at Apple stores and various mobile network phone shops. I remembered being in town when the iPhone 4S was launched but I didn’t remember the sort of crazy queues as described on the internet. Maybe not every town would get long queues. Well, I will be checking out the iPhone 5 this Saturday and if it’s not out of stock, I will probably be getting one.

Okay, lots of people will say it’s worth it and lots of others will say I am crazy. I like to think that it’s worth it. I have considered various options and since I have a Macbook Air and an iPad, it seems sensible enough that my next mobile phone should be an iPhone. As much as I love my HTC Desire, it still couldn’t keep up. Honestly, if it had performed as well as iPhone 4, I wouldn’t think about getting a new mobile phone just yet. Bear in mind that HTC Desire is almost similar to iPhone 4.

I thought long and hard between Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC One X and iPhone 5. My final ranking would be iPhone 5 first, followed by HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy SIII. I am quite surprised that HTC One X is not as popular as Samsung Galaxy SIII. I was a Samsung Omnia user and the build quality was really bad. My friends said that the use of plastic casing was to make the device as light as possible. Well, take a look at iPhone 5 and HTC One X. The materials used are far better than Samsung Galaxy SIII. Maybe it’s not fair to bring iPhone 5 into the discussion of weight as it is a smaller phone, but HTC One X is about the same size as Samsung Galaxy SIII. Anyway, I just don’t like Samsung mobile phone products anymore especially when looking at their advertisement as well as how they copied Apple Stores. I don’t see HTC doing the same thing?

The fact is, if I am now holding an Android tablet, I will be craving for iPad. Now that I have an iPad 2, it’s period. I don’t even crave for the new iPad. That’s the same case for iPhone 5. I don’t think that I will be getting another new mobile phone unless the iPhone that I am getting stops working or no longer supported by Apple’s iOS.

On another note, I also remembered that I once said that I will blog more now that I have a Macbook Air. It didn’t realise. I said that again when I got my iPad. It didn’t realise either. In fact, I blog lesser and lesser. Now I kind of hope that getting an iPhone 5 will get me blogging more frequently again. Well, time will tell.

iPhone 5 …

Apple’s event is over now. It’s not surprising at all that the leak photos on the internet look exactly the same as the real iPhone 5. I am not entirely sure how ground breaking it is or how the iPhone can compete against Samsung Galaxy SIII or HTC One X. Erm… not true, I do know. If I am going to buy an iPhone, I am actually after its operating system; the iOS, the latest being iOS 6. With Apple products, everything seems to integrate effortlessly. It’s almost as if the integration is the only advantage while there may be dozens of disadvantages when we rely on products made by a single company.

There may be a bigger picture but I don’t quite understand why Microsoft was once considered as monopolising the computer world whereas no one seems talk about the same thing with Apple. If you have installed almost every version of Windows, you will find that with the new version of Windows, you are now given a choice to install other types of internet browsers during installation. That I believe is one of the ways to stop Microsoft from monopolising users with their Internet Explorer.

Anyway, I will soon be reading reviews from various internet blogs. I am pretty sure there will be some mixed reviews. To be honest, I don’t really care much about what they may say. I am almost quite sure that I will be getting one but reading reviews is one of my methods to get-to-know a product before buying it. My HTC Desire has kind of disappointed me in some ways. Mee has been using iPhone for some time and I have an iPad myself. Hence, I know what to expect from the new iPhone and I just know it won’t disappoint me.

iOS6 …

I read a tech news a couple of days ago and it was about the new iOS6 which will not support the first version iPad device. My first reaction was that Apple is just going push people into upgrading to newer iPad. Of course I welcome that idea IF I have a money making machine. But it soon came clear to me that not only Apple does that, Microsoft and Google do that too. Microsoft, for example, has mentioned that current Windows phone will not be able to upgrade to Windows 8. Google, on the other hand, has no control over Android on various brands of mobile. My HTC Desire has not been in the software update list only about less than 2 years after it was launched.  I would say it’s ridiculous yet not many people take note of it. Part of it was HTC’s fault too but I won’t get into it now.

And when Apple mentioned that iOS6 will not support the iPad1, it becomes a big deal.

To be honest, I am not quite sure why there are so many Android fan out there. I have been an Android user for a good couple of years now and I don’t see much difference in each of its update. Google always says how fast the newer version will be and to use 100 times and above faster than the previous version is just not true. Unless there’s a small print somewhere in the software/ROM notifications. My HTC Desire is currently running on Gingerbread and there’s no way it is 20 times faster than all the previous version, let alone 100 times or 200 times. In addition, I don’t see an improvement in user’s interface except the difference in it’s theme.

On the other hand, there are always visible improvements on iOS and even Mac OS X operating system. That’s why most Mac users are willing to pay for an upgrade because they see the changes and it’s cheap too. As always for Microsoft Windows, things are moved around, playing hide and seek with its end users. And it’s not cheap.

Well, I guess that you will see me as another Apple fanboy. I tried hard to deny it but I can’t help following Apple products’ progress especially the new iPhone. I wouldn’t say I love Apple 100% but things seem to be much simpler and straightforward when using Apple’s products.

Fifa 13 …

You can almost see me playing Fifa 12 on my iPad almost everyday. My aim at the moment is to collect every trophy available by jumping from a team to another. Well, I need to win of course. So far, I have moved from English Premier League to German League. Things have gone quite smooth with me losing just a few matches. Unfortunately, there’s only one trophy to collect in the German League and I have just lost it. Hence, I have to finish this season and pursue the trophy in the next season. In case you are wondering why I couldn’t just restart the losing match and try to win it again, I play Fifa 12 without restarting any match no matter how impossible the AI play. Sometimes, my team is strong and sometimes, my team is weak. That goes the same to the AI. I consider it fair play and even the greatest Barcelona team, in real life, lose occasionally.

Fifa 13

The good news is Fifa 13 is on its way in the recent EA conference. I wonder if Fifa 13 for iPad will be launched at the same time with the launch of Fifa 13 for other consoles. I hope so and I am very excited with the improvements that EA is going to bring now that iPad has kind of become a game console in some gamers’ mind; me in particular. I don’t think there is much to change in gameplay as it’s quite good for me already. It could do with some refinement but I don’t think that it needs more tricks and fancy stuffs as players in real life are not able to make that many tricks. The career and team management certainly need some attention. In game information such as man of the match, hat trick, and scoreboard can make the game more interesting. Anyway, I just hope that it will keep getting better and not just making some cosmetic changing while still reporting the wrong statistics.