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iPad …

Have you just bought the new iPad? Did you sell your old iPad? Nah, I did none of those. The new iPad is certainly attractive but I have no extra cash to burn. One of the reasons that I didn’t buy the first iPad was because of the lack of camera. So, in came the iPad2, and I knew that I have waited for too long. iPad2 back camera is not impressive but I just couldn’t wait for this new iPad and therefore, I took the plunge. Otherwise, I would have missed another year’s of fun!

I can’t seem to remember if there were any faults with the iPad2 when it was launched. Neither did I notice anything bad with the first iPad. This new iPad however, already have reports of it being too hot. As with iPhone4S, there were all sorts of problems when it first launched. I wonder if that is going to be a trend for Apple products from now on. Anyone would have thought that they must have tested their products countless times. Maybe, Apple should stop carrying the “Assembled in China” tag for its range of products.

Assembled in China

The Next Big Thing …

Technology is moving at a very fast rate than ever before. In fact, it is so fast that I believe some gadgets are overpowered. A quad core mobile phone for example. Do we really need it? Would it even make a huge difference? I doubt so. For a computer or laptop, definitely. I guess most of the companies are either running out of ideas  or they are trying to release bits by bits just so they could squeeze our pockets till they get the last penny.

If you look at the past few years of mobile phones’ design, they all look similar. Touch screen smartphone is popular and who would have thought that a bigger touch screen smartphone-like is a big hit? Apple did and others follow. Again, two iPads later, the new iPad still has the same look. The big difference to me would be the Retina display. 5MP camera doesn’t impress me because that’s something we find in everyday smartphone technology. Take a look at Samsung. You could never tell which is which as they all look the same. The only difference is the hardware; faster processor, higher RAM and newer operating system. I will be forced to upgrade my HTC Desire when Android no longer supports it but not because I am attracted to new smartphone designs. On the other hand, there’s always custom ROMs available to choose.

What exactly is the next big thing? iPhone5? I believe that the next iPhone will just be another iPhone. Even the current ultrabook trend is just another attempt to match MacBook Air. Remember the discontinued Dell Adamo? It’s really hard to say what will be the next big thing. Certainly, Apple is trying to venture into every technology field and the most recently rumoured of iTV. But even before Apple could think about it, ITV channel has already issued a warning which says that Apple better not think about using “iTV”.

iPad FIFA12 …

During the most recent Chinese New Year, I called home and spoke to almost everyone of my family members except my big brother who was not at home at that time. My second elder brother seemed to have lots of things to ask and the first thing came to his mind was his computer, as always; without even asking how was I in the UK and not being able to go home for the celebration. Anyway, I am used to it already. He then asked about the FIFA97 CD which I don’t think I have it. The FIFA97 was installed on my home computer but there’s a hack where we can run it without the need to have the CD. Gosh, it’s been a long time since I did an actual computer game installation and I already forgot the proper term for it. Come to think of it, I have played about 10 – 15 years of FIFA games. I am now playing FIFA12 on my iPad and I think my current desktop computer has FIFA10 installed. Wait till I show my FIFA running on iPad to my brother and he will be very impressed by it. Honestly, the controls are comparable to computer though there are still some minor details which are being overlooked. I am pretty sure that FIFA13 will be great.

At the end of the day though, both my brother and I might agree that FIFA97 is still the best one of all. After all, it is the version where we still play every time we are at home even after 15 years. The way we play is to each choose a team. Should our team meet, the one with the home team will play while the away team will be set to AI. The AI is not great as we have our ways to score from specific angle, even from half of the football field.


The screenshot attached shows my iPad’s FIFA12 progress. I am at the highest level of the manager mode and the current fame points is at it’s maximum. I still stick with the same team and I might start another game where I will start from the bottom of the English Football League and work my way up while collecting trophies. It should be fun!

Bad things come quickly and suddenly

Recently, my department manager was rushed to the hospital and later diagnosed to have Bell’s Palsy. In a way, it’s good because we all thought that she had a stroke. She has been off for about one or two weeks now and will be off for another two weeks. I guess after that two weeks, it will depend on the doctor as to whether or not she needs more rest. Around last week, we collected some money and bought some get well plants, flowers and chocolates for her. The next day, we got a thank you email, which is quite assuring. Hope she gets well soon!

There seem to be a lot of bad news happening at the start of every year. I think I mentioned it in my previous posts but I will say it again anyway. Yeah, another bad news; memory loss. And did I mention that I fall ill again last couple of weeks? And also my manager has resigned and we will be having his leaving do tomorrow night? Well, the good news is that Apple launched a new iPad on the 7th of March and I find no reason for anyone who already has an iPad2 to upgrade. And me being one of them. That’s just my opinion though.

Birthday …

This is going to be a bit stupid, I think. It’s 6th March today and if you look at it the other way, it would have been my birthday, 3rd June. Anyway, things haven’t gone quite smoothly this year. A lot of worries and troubles. As I posted earlier this year, the first thing we got when we came back from our Christmas holiday was the rent increase. As everyone says, everything has been on the rise except the salary. If only I were, …. that’s not going to happen easily, is it?

Hmm… I wonder what I should get for myself this coming birthday. Is the new iPhone ever going to come out by that time? Tomorrow is the so-called iPad3 launch event but it would also be great if Apple gives a little hint on iPhone, though I doubt it. I would be interested to see iPad3 but I won’t be excited because I already have iPad2. I am not as high as to sell my iPad2 in order to get iPad3 or even purchase iPad3 to have it side by side with my iPad2. Enough said, I am not that rich.

I kind of in need of a new mobile phone. Might be able to persuade Mee to get myself a new mobile phone on my birthday. The truth is, it very much depends on our bank account balance and which phone to get. I have several in mind but still unsure. Maybe it’s time to hit the mobile stores in town and play around with latest mobile phones on display!