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iPad casings …

Let’s see. So far I have owned about three iPad casings for my iPad2. The current one is the fourth. I always wanted an all-in-one casing. The first one I got off from eBay for £10. It’s always risky buying items from eBay, hence, I don’t usually make purchase of more than £20. The cover arrived and I was a bit disappointed as it look a bit different from the picture. It fitted, so I just used it. Few months later, I saw a branded iPad cover on sale at TKMaxx store. It’s Speck and usually sold for more than £20. The Speck cover even has a magnetic front cover. I got it for £10. However, it damaged my iPad2’s screen protector due to the way it hold the iPad. Anyway, I still used it. Along the way, I bought a stand and a back cover. The idea was that I would use the back cover and stand while I am at home and I changed it to the Speck cover if I am taking the iPad2 out. After a couple of months, the back cover started to break and I had to revert back to using the Speck cover.

Recently, a B&M stores opened nearby. While Mee browsed the website, she saw a Belkin iPad back cover sold for £2.90. I thought it was really good value. Few days later, we decided to go to the store and check it out. I found the cover and then I saw a Trust iPad pouch case. Immediately, Mee and I thought we should really get a back cover with a case instead of pinning on an all in one cover. So, that’s the combination for my iPad2 at the moment, a back cover with a padded pouch case and a compact portable stand.

Paradise Island HD …

Paradise Island HD on my iPad2 had been stuck during installation for a couple of weeks now. There was a solution published on the developer website but I just can’t be bothered to follow the instructions. I couldn’t play the game or delete it. Every time I pressed it, it just restarted the installation and then it would tell me that it couldn’t install or download it. Today, I pressed the Paradise Island HD icon again and immediately it said that the game cannot be downloaded or installed. Once I pressed ok, the icon is available again and I can play the game now. It’s just weird. I haven’t gone to see the description of the game and maybe the developer has come out with another solution. I shall see.

iOS6 …


A few days ago, I updated Mee’s iPhone4 to iOS6. It was a painless update and after about 30 minutes, Mee’s iPhone4 is fully setup. All I had to do was to backup Mee’s iPhone4 onto my Mac and then used the On The Air (OTA) update. No more erasing and reinstalling apps and games anymore. My iPhone5 is due to update and I haven’t done so because I haven’t actually synced it to my Mac. I shall do it sometime, until I free up some spaces. Another gadget of mine which is long due for update is iPad2. It is still on iOS 5.0.1 mainly because it is a jailbreak device and there is no jailbreak iOS 6 for iPad2 yet. I have been thinking about unjailbreak it since I don’t actually use a lot of pirated apps and games. There were a few pirated games but I no longer play them anymore. In addition, I just found out that Installous is not available anymore. I am now more ready than ever to unjailbreak my iPad2 by installing iOS6. It’s a bit late now, I shall do it tomorrow.

By the way, I am now using OS X Mountain Lion. I just upgraded it today and it took me almost an hour from download to finish upgrading. To be honest, this upgrade probably don’t really benefits me much but I just hate seeing MobileMe in the System Preference. However, I do feel that my Mac runs a bit smoother than when it was running on OS X Lion. A couple of apps don’t work but that doesn’t bother me either. Other functions are remain to be seen.

12 Days

One of Apple apps is called 12 Days and it’s only available for use from Christmas day. For 12 days, it will display free iTunes stuffs each day. It will be in forms of musics, apps or even books. Well, it’s been a few days now and none of the offers has caught my attention. Just yesterday, it offered some free audio books mp3. I haven’t checked today. Anyway, I think the best app for free stuffs is still the Free App Alliance. To date, I can’t remember how many apps and games I have downloaded by recommendation from Free App Alliance. That app has seriously got me thinking on why I need to jailbreak my iPad2. My iPad2 is still on jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 because there isn’t a jailbreak solution for iOS6 yet. There are now a dozen of apps that I couldn’t update because they have moved away from supporting any Apple devices below iOS6. Sooner or later, I will have to decide whether or not to stick to jailbreak. At the moment, I am in favour of not unjailbreak my iPad2.

Mountain Lion …

Every since I bought iPhone 5, I am very eager to get everything connected. My iPhone 5 is almost in sync with my iPad 2 except that my iPad 2 is still running the old iOS 5.0.1. I am just a bit lazy to update it especially it’s a jailbroken device. Most likely, I will be forced into updating it when it comes a time when I can’t install or update the apps and games. I kind of glad that I bought the 32GB iPad 2 because it’s almost full now. I wonder what I will do with a 16GB version. Apart from updating my iPad 2 to iOS6, another thing in my wish list is Mountain Lion.

I am still with Lion and I really disappointed that just a few months after Lion, Apple launched the cheaper Mountain Lion which has more significant changes than Lion. I just want to get rid of the MobileMe thingy sitting in the system preferences as well as the warning message that says it couldn’t find my mobileme account when I try to sync Calendar. But the ultimate question is when do I do it. My MacBook Air is quite low on disk space and I simply haven’t gotten the time to clear it out; mainly photos and apps. I am hoping to setup an iTune server but I just have too many things in my mind.

By the way, I have managed to share my reminder list to Mee’s iPhone. That way, she can update the list of things to buy on her iPhone and I will get it on my iPhone. She can just send a message to me asking me to check the list rather than sending me several messages on the things she would like me to buy after work. I think that’s what I like about Apple products and what Apple has been trying to promote. You can share between iDevices among yourself or among friends and families. I can be browsing on my MacBook Air and bookmark a website. The bookmark will then be available on my iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Even better with Mountain Lion and iOS 6 is the iCloud Tab. I could be browsing on my MacBook Air and pick up my Mac’s browser tabs from my iPhone 5. How convenient is that?!

Decision ….

I am just going to talk about what’s everyone has been talking these days; iPhone 5. The preorder was finished in about 1 – 2 hours and many predicts that the retail sales will be finished by Sunday. Expect lots of people queuing up at Apple stores and various mobile network phone shops. I remembered being in town when the iPhone 4S was launched but I didn’t remember the sort of crazy queues as described on the internet. Maybe not every town would get long queues. Well, I will be checking out the iPhone 5 this Saturday and if it’s not out of stock, I will probably be getting one.

Okay, lots of people will say it’s worth it and lots of others will say I am crazy. I like to think that it’s worth it. I have considered various options and since I have a Macbook Air and an iPad, it seems sensible enough that my next mobile phone should be an iPhone. As much as I love my HTC Desire, it still couldn’t keep up. Honestly, if it had performed as well as iPhone 4, I wouldn’t think about getting a new mobile phone just yet. Bear in mind that HTC Desire is almost similar to iPhone 4.

I thought long and hard between Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC One X and iPhone 5. My final ranking would be iPhone 5 first, followed by HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy SIII. I am quite surprised that HTC One X is not as popular as Samsung Galaxy SIII. I was a Samsung Omnia user and the build quality was really bad. My friends said that the use of plastic casing was to make the device as light as possible. Well, take a look at iPhone 5 and HTC One X. The materials used are far better than Samsung Galaxy SIII. Maybe it’s not fair to bring iPhone 5 into the discussion of weight as it is a smaller phone, but HTC One X is about the same size as Samsung Galaxy SIII. Anyway, I just don’t like Samsung mobile phone products anymore especially when looking at their advertisement as well as how they copied Apple Stores. I don’t see HTC doing the same thing?

The fact is, if I am now holding an Android tablet, I will be craving for iPad. Now that I have an iPad 2, it’s period. I don’t even crave for the new iPad. That’s the same case for iPhone 5. I don’t think that I will be getting another new mobile phone unless the iPhone that I am getting stops working or no longer supported by Apple’s iOS.

On another note, I also remembered that I once said that I will blog more now that I have a Macbook Air. It didn’t realise. I said that again when I got my iPad. It didn’t realise either. In fact, I blog lesser and lesser. Now I kind of hope that getting an iPhone 5 will get me blogging more frequently again. Well, time will tell.