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IT plan continues

Just two days ago, I powered up my netbook and found out that the battery wasn’t charging. I tried to plug and unplug numerous times but to no avail. I searched the internet for solutions and apparently, there have been many cases where Samsung NC10’s battery just died suddenly. Some users had only used it for a couple of month. In a way, I am considered lucky because I bought it at the end of 2008 with moderate usage before I bought MacBook Air. It has been left in the cupboard for almost a year. Until I took it out last week to restore it. Surprisingly, it’s charging again last night. However, the calibration is off and the operating system will just show that the battery is empty all the time and the battery light will always be in charging state no matter how many hours I leave it plugged. Anyway, it’s charging and I can’t ask for more for now.

I am slowly turning it into a mini server. I have installed iTunes and it is now home sharing musics to my MacBook Air and iPad2. I have also created a shared folder and moved some of my files from MacBook Air to the folder. So far so good and hopefully, I can start freeing up my MacBook Air disk spaces.

I think I am kind of satisfied with the gadgets that I have at the moment. The only complain that I have would be my mobile phone. Though it’s less than two-year-old, I am starting to get annoyed by it. It’s constantly on low disk space state which means I can’t install anymore stuffs in it. I still can’t understand why Android is designed to utilise a mobile phone disk space so poorly. For example, my HTC Desire has around 500MB of ROM. Out of the 500MB, only 200MB can be used for apps and games. Even though I can move the apps and games to my 4GB SD card, it still leaves some bits and pieces in the ROM. And any cache is stored in the 200MB internal memory space instead of the 4GB SD card. I didn’t have to deal with this kind of problem when I used Windows Phone 6 and Android is considered to be much more advance and newer. I wonder why?

The one gadget that I will not get for myself is ereaders. My sis has asked me to “like” Amazon Kindle to enter a prize draw. Well, I have just done it though I am not really keen on doing that. Coincidentally, the drawing date is the same date as the draw for some of my charity raffle tickets that I bought yesterday. Hmm… I do hope to win something thought I am rubbish when it comes to prize drawing and stuffs.

iPad3 coming next week …

Yeah, it’s almost official. Apple is most likely going to announce iPad3 next week. There are already some technology blog posts stating that iPad3 already shipping out of China to US. True or not, I will still stick to my iPad2. The reason is simple, it costs too much to keep up with these technology that introduce a new version every year. I am satisfied with my iPad2. There will come a day when my iPad2 couldn’t support apps and games anymore and that will be the day I buy a new tablet. Unexpected event might happen but I won’t go into that.

As iPad3 news bombarding most technology sites, I start to think about iPhone5 or whatever Apple going to call it the next generation of iPhone. Will I be getting one? To be honest, I almost went out and bought iPhone4S. Yes, I was very determine to own an iPhone. However, it is not the case now. Having both iPad2 and HTC Desire Android phone made me think that I can do so much more with two different devices. If one won’t work, I have the option to try the other. If I ended up only using iOS, I will be stuck.

Android is good and it’s perfect for me. But I am just disappointed with its performance against iPhone. Technology improves on a daily basis and considering my HTC Desire is already one and a half years old, it’s still keeping up well. I read many reviews about dual core and quad core Android mobile devices and all were talking about how fast the devices performed. I went to the Carphonewarehouse and picked up a test unit of Samsung Galaxy SII and it was disappointing. It was slow and sluggish. Maybe it was battered being a display unit, I thought to myself. Even the Nokia Lumia 800 sitting beside Samsung Galaxy SII running on a single core processor was faster. When I went to the Apple Store to try out the iPhone 4S, it was clearly faster than iPhone 4. I still very much love how things perform quicker on iOS compared to Android but I found a new love too, Windows Phone. Well, anything that’s fast is welcomed instantly.

I always like to compare between Apple Store and Android Market. It is so much easy to update apps and games on Apple Store while updating apps and games on Android Market makes the phone almost unusable at times. Having said all that, I might still go for an Android phone the next time I think about upgrading. Might be a Windows Phone too.

Spending the Chinese New Year day …

Chinese New Year 2012 - Year of the Dragon

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, year of the dragon. I guess it’s the second or third time that I will not able to be at my home country celebrating Chinese New Year with my families. And this year, I am not even going back to Malaysia at all. My sister is at home though and they should all be at my grandpa’s home at the moment. I am working now by the way. What a way to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Yesterday was, of course, Chinese New Year eve. Mee and I didn’t have anything special, just some everyday meal. We did call back home and talk for a couple of hours with our family members. I spent most of the day washing my car and jailbreaking my iPad2. Though jailbreaking my iPad2 wasn’t a smooth sailing process, I am still quite glad that I got it right in the end. More here

Little but huge iPad2

It’s been almost half a year since Mee bought me an iPad2. It’s a great device and I am not sure if I will ever be going back to gaming on my Sony PSP. I will try that someday but it might not be as pleasing to the eye as iPad2; well, gaming on a 9.7″ compared to 4.3″. Loading time is significantly shorter too. I have to admit though, holding my iPad2 with both of my hands at the bottom corner and playing Fifa12 does look weird. In addition, I bought a Fling iPad joystick to enhance the gaming experience. It works really good but I just hope that there will be a better and sturdier joystick developed in the near future.

Unlike my Macbook Air where it’s battery drains quickly when performing intensive tasks, I can play games for a day without the need to charge my iPad2. iPad2 doesn’t seem to be affected a lot by the types of apps or games that it runs and the WiFi is connected all the times. My Sony PSP now lasts about 2 hours I think.

I think of iPad2 as a gaming device now though it’s also very handy for browsing, checking emails and social networking. Just unlock it and fire away. One thing for sure, I don’t think I will categorised it as e-book readers as I don’t read a lot of books. Reading e-magazines is a better experience but they usually come with a cost.

Mac OS X Lion …

Mac OS X Lion
Mac OS X Lion

It’s been a while and I am still thinking whether or not to purchase and install Mac OS X Lion. It’s a tough decision for me because I am not a heavy user and I wonder if those 250 functions really useful to me. On the other hand, the price at £20.99 is great and the Launchpad and full screen window are very attractive. For me, I like new stuffs but not before it has been tested and proved to be having no major problems. Conflicting enough, there are Mac users who love Lion and there are others who hate Lion. Well, love and hate are quite distinct and there seem to be not many stand in between when it comes to Lion.

I do hope when I finally decide to install it, I will love it.

Currently, I don’t have many programs installed. However, I still worry about the compatibility of the programs with Mac OS X Lion. Maybe I am the type of person who worries too much. I tried not to think too much but sometimes, I just can’t help it.

I am not sure why and when; I have lost the interest in customising things like my mobile phone, desktop wallpaper, desktop colours and fiddling with the settings. The idea of hacking and cracking is still very much alive in me but after the initial stage, I don’t follow up much later on. After using Macbook Air and iPad2, I am even more sure that I have lost that interest. I like simplicity now. Even though I jailbreak my iPad2, I didn’t follow any of the after jailbreak guides. By the way, I have just realised that there is a new Cyanogenmod release and I shall have to arrange some of my time to install it on my HTC Desire. It’s been like 3-4 months since their last release and I certainly hope that this latest release will fix some of the problems that I have with my HTC Desire running on the older Cyanogenmod version.

Apple …

Sometimes, things just happen. Last night, right before I went to bed, I turned on my iPad2 and ran Flipboard. Flipboard is an app that allows you to read your feeds from facebook, twitter, and any other feeds like a newspaper. I think it’s cool and actually, I prefer it to Pulse, another app that does almost the same thing. Anyway, while flipping through Flipboard, there was one post that caught my attention. Steve Jobs has passed away. I looked at the post and stopped a few seconds. I just thought, is it real or hoax? Well, it was tweeted by TechRepublic about 8 minutes ago and I don’t think it will be a hoax. Immediately, I searched the internet and things become clearer and it’s true.

I am just starting to like Apple products though the iPhone 4S is a bit of a disappointment. By now, you must have read the difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. In my opinion, I just can’t think what else can new iPhone outdo older iPhone except adding better functionality. But they will always create something that people like me can never thought of which is why I am always the users. Well, I am always in a dilemma. My theory is always not to use the same brand for every product that I use. For example, I use a Mac and iPad2 but an Android phone. It’s good to have something different. However, at the back of my mind, I kind of like having iPhone 4S simply because Mee has an iPhone 4. Don’t take me wrong. It’s just that Mee has an iPhone 4 and I could see how different it is compared to my HTC Desire which has almost identical specification. iPhone4 is just stronger. Even though iPhone 4 processor is an A4 chip while my iPad2 is an A5 chip, I can’t really notice the difference. iPhone 4S could be interesting.