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The keyboard that we bought about a year ago is now gathering dust. I guess that I want to be interested in music but I just don’t put in enough effort. I have garage band installed on my PC as well as my iPad2 but I don’t think that I have actually run them many times before. I still receive newsletters and emails from the shop where I bought the keyboard. Most of the times, it’s about the latest product available in their store like the new Bigsby kit. It doesn’t interest me much because they are guitars’ equipment. I think that I still prefer to listen to music instead. In fact, I am trying out my iPhone 5 earphone at the moment. You know, the oddly shaped earphone. It’s the first time I actually took the earphone out of its box since I bought my iPhone 5 back in October. Hmm… the sound seems a bit clearer and the bass is definitely better. But that’s maybe because the earphone actually fits better than the old earphone. I have an in ear JVC earphones which I reckon it sounds better than this but my ears hurt if I use it for a long period. Mind you I don’t do loud music. Anyway, this new Apple earphones might allow me to enjoy better music since the traditional earphones are too loose to give enough bass and the in ear earphones are not comfortable for my ears.

Battery endurance test …


This is not so much of a battery test. I just fully charged my iPhone 5 the other day and resisted from recharging it until the battery icon turns red. Somehow, I managed to let the battery to go down to 1%. The screenshot was taken at 2309 as you can see, and it still allowed me to run a few apps until I plugged in the lightning cable at 2316. I am quite impressed considering that my HTC Desire will turn itself off automatically at 10% – 15%. Either iOS is very good at manipulating the battery percentage or the battery management is really that good. I believe in the latter since a single charge lasted me 2 days and 21 hours of standby and 9 hours and 21 minutes of usage. That’s pretty good!

A week later

Hmm… I might as well renamed my blog to iPhone 5. I sense that I am going to blog about iPhone 5 for the rest of all my posts. A bit exaggerated but there seems to be a lot to talk about iPhone 5. Well, first of all, it’s been a week since I used it. The new “lightning cable” seems to have charged my iPhone 5 faster compare to Mee’s iPhone 4. In addition, I use my iPad charger to charge Mee’s iPhone 4 while I charge my iPhone 5. Nowadays, I tend not to charge smartphones overnight. It only takes about an hour or two to fully charged.

So far, I am a happy iPhone 5 customer. There are a few minor complains but I think I can get used to them eventually. First off, I missed one of Mee’s messages because there’s no notification LED. Although iOS will alert me twice in the space of around 10 seconds when there are new messages or missed calls, it’s no use when I am away from my iPhone for longer than that. I am so used to looking at the notification LED on my HTC Desire that I simply forgot to wake up my iPhone to check for any new messages or missed calls.

I am not a fan of the new design of App Store. It’s no longer in a list view and it’s now an app per page. While browsing the apps page by page, I realise that the quality control of the apps going into App Store is deteriorating, as claimed and proven by many iOS users and bloggers. I saw an app on hydraulic pump. I was quite interested in downloading it but as all reviews have advised other users not to download it, I decided to skip that opportunity.

iPhone 5 Purple Halo …

This is my first time blogging using iPhone 5’s WordPress app. As I am typing, I realise that I may have to edit them again using normal browser. There is no way to change the uploaded picture’s size by percentage. It’s either custom or a selection of sizes which I don’t really want.

Anyway, that’s not important. What I am going to focus on is the purple fringing problem that’s everyone is talking about. At first, I have to say that the purple fringing thing really affected my decision on whether or not to purchase an iPhone 5. One of my reasons to purchase a new smartphone is to have a reasonable camera quality. I then went to a mobile phone shop to look at Samsung Galaxy SIII. As you may have already known, it’s huge and just after a few moment with it, I knew that my decision will still be iPhone 5.

Today appears to be somewhat good weather with sun and all that. I thought it might be a good idea to test the camera. I have previously taken a photo of our room’s light and it looked normal to me. So, here’s what I did just now. I positioned the sun light to the corner of the iPhone screen where the camera situated. After a few tries, I still didn’t get that purple fringing or purple halo that everyone’s talking about. The photo above is the proof.

So, either it’s affecting a certain batches of iPhone 5 or I just got lucky with my unit.

At long last, iPhone 5 …

iPhone 5 16GB

At last, after months of reading online blogs and tech news regarding leak iPhone 5 news and 13 days of online reservation plus walk-in to Apple store, I am holding an iPhone 5 now. The sad thing is, I can’t use it yet. As I am on Pay As You Go package, I can’t get a nano sim card for my number. I have to call to Three Mobile customer service and have the nano sim card delivered to me which will take about 3-5 working days. Anyhow, I got one now and that’s another tick on my check list of things to do.

It sounds sad but I kind of organise my life in a way that I have a check list of things to do and one after another, I will be looking forward to get them off my list. I think in life, when you have something to look forward to every day, even a purchase of mobile phone, it kind of makes life more meaningful. But believe me, getting an iPhone 5 is hit and miss. You never know whether or not you will be getting it or not. The reservation starts from 9am to 5pm and you will get a confirmation email only after 5pm to tell you whether or not you will be able to get one the next day. If you read some forums, you will know that the confirmation emails come in certain time; 730pm to 830pm then sometime around 11pm and even 5am the next day. I got mine at 818pm.

Coming back to my check list of things to do, with Apple products, everything is synchronised. I now have a MacBook Air, an iPad 2 and an iPhone 5 and everything that I am doing with either one of the devices, the others will get updated too. So, I can be doing things with my iPhone 5 while at work like adding calendar events or adding things to my check list, my MacBook Air and iPad 2 will get updated by the time I come home. I did mention to one of my friends once that I didn’t like to be ‘monopolised’ by a single brand of product, which in this case, Apple. He had a great answer for me at that time where he said if the product is good, why not.

Patience is virtue …

I am still patiently awaits to purchase an iPhone 5. A few days after its launch in the UK, it went into reservation mode where only customers who reserve online will be able to purchase one in store. In other words, there will be no more walk in customers for iPhone 5. Just last Friday, Apple launched iPhone 5 in another 22 countries and that immediately put the reservation mode on halt the next day. The stock is definitely scarce, or Apple is trying to make the stock looks scarce. Anyway, I wonder when there will be any stock at all in the UK. However, I did manage to find some stock on iPhone 5 64GB model from Carphonewarehouse. Will I want to buy a smartphone that costs £699? Nope. I am still sticking with the 16GB model.

I still remember the time when I bought my iPad2. That was around my birthday and armed with some vouchers given by my colleagues, Mee and I went to London to make the purchase. At the time of the purchase, it was about 3 months after the launch date. We searched a few stores and we couldn’t seem to find an iPad2 with 16GB capacity. There were lots of 64GB and in the end, we found one store with 32GB. I went for that instead as I just can’t wait any longer.

iPhone 5 sales is stronger than iPad2 and judging by that rate, I wonder when I will be able to get hold of one. All I can do now is wait.