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I tried to apply for a new credit card and the system kept saying that I already have another card with them. The fact is that I have already cancelled my old card. Things are never that straightforward when it comes to bank. Hence, I have to go to the bank this weekend. While at the town centre, Mee and I will be going to look at curtain rod as well. We finally bought a set of net curtain during our last visit to IKEA. The net curtain is so huge that we can cut it into half and use it for both set of windows. So far, we have hung one already. Mee will be sewing the other one and if we managed to find a suitable curtain rod this weekend, we shall be able to finish our little project.

In the meantime, we have received one of our two sets of vouchers. I should hope to receive the other set so that we could buy our vacuum cleaner this weekend too. Hmm…. it’s going to be a busy weekend. My colleague has also been talking about checking out the excellent korg kronos equipment this weekend at her local store. She seems quite excited when talking about it. I wonder how many music equipment she has at her home.


Well, it’s not the keyboard that you might be thinking now. Every week, I vacuum Mee and my rented room at least once. And every time, I will for sure lift up our piano keyboard to make sure that there is no spider living around it. So far, no surprise for me. ¬†Anyway, we bought the keyboard like half a year ago and from the beginning, we were quite excited and almost played it everyday. As time goes, we just get more busy with our work and more lazy to play it. Now, it’s just sitting at the corner of our room.

Every now and then, I only thought about it when I receive an email from the company where we bought the keyboard. I do believe that the keyboard is now obsolete and the company is currently promoting Korg Kronos 88. I keep thinking that someday, when Mee and I own our own home, we will be able to have table for it rather than hiding it in the corner. Then, the only excuse we will have for not playing it would be just pure lazy rather than it’s troublesome to take it out from the corner or no space in the room. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for the day to come!