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Online courses

My manager has recently signed up an internet subscription account which offers various IT courses and even online bachelor degree programs. However, I am more interested in ITIL course which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. I am proud to say that I have completed the first module with somewhat flying colors though I have to say that I can’t concentrate well enough studying on a computer monitor. There are still five or six modules to go through before I can take the final exam. I wonder if I have the patience to go through all of them. I might have to start taking notes if I am serious about it. In fact, there are so many IT courses available and I am not sure if ITIL is the right one for me. At my age, I should be focusing on more specific IT courses but the outlook of my current company doesn’t look too good at all. Chances are, I might have a change in my job responsibility in the near future and I would like to better prepare myself.

Being too specific can also be a disadvantage as it very much depends on the demand. Right now, Linux is in demand but if I were to start learning Linux now, the market would have changed by the time I finished studying Linux. That would be bad, wouldn’t it? I believe it’s still best to stick to what I know and the rest should be an interest instead.

Choosing the easy option …


At this moment, this is my 1,089 posts since I started blogging a few year ago. I started out using Flatpress and if I still use it now, I wouldn’t be able to know how many posts I had made, unless I count them manually. I used to dislike popular stuffs like WordPress and Apple. However, they grow on me eventually. Flatpress and non-Apple stuffs are good too. Flatpress was where I polished my HTML, CSS, Javascript and other web skills. When using non-Apple stuffs, I learnt to install all sorts of operating systems from scratch; DOS, any Windows versions, Linux and I even installed MacOSX on my netbook. I also have a great deal of knowledge on hardware too.

Using WordPress and Apple products are like edging towards retirement though it’s not entirely true. It just gives me more time to focus on other stuffs. They are easy to use and I don’t have to worry too much. When I first bought my MacBook Air, Mee used it a few times for only a short few minutes and she didn’t like it. She only likes the appearance and couldn’t adjust herself to the operating system. However, when we were at my sister’s place last Christmas, my MacBook Air was the main computer for Mee. She told me that she loves it a lot especially the speed.

With WordPress, I just let it does the thing. All I need to concentrate is just blog. That’s easy!