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More hard disk space …

I finally moved all my apps to my portable hard drive and freeing up about 25GB of spaces. My MacBook Air now feels like it breathes easier and responds a tad quicker. But that could be my own imagination. The main issue was that it was quite slow when trying to update the apps between my devices and the apps stored in my portable drive. Hence, what I tend to do now is to update the apps through iTunes as well as on my devices. This way, only new apps will be copied. Better yet, I should download any new apps in iTunes as well as on my devices. If only iTunes has the options of synchronising the apps or just saving the apps’ titles. By the way, I have managed to update my Paradise Island HD too. I have now started playing it again and on to my next quest.

Well, if you have the same issue with your Paradise Island HD not being able to update directly from our device, just update it using your iTunes and synchronise the update.

By the way, I went to Apple Store today to look at the Mac Mini and Apple TV. There are about £400 difference between them yet I can’t work out which one I should get in the future. Apple TV is nice and simple as I only want transfer whatever I am playing to the big screen TV. Mac Mini is the Apple version of desktop PC and it can do so much more than a Apple TV but do I really want a computer attached to my TV? Chances are that I will be getting a Smart TV which will have its own internet connection anyway. There are already so many choices now and I can’t imagine what more choices we will have in a few years time.

No more PC

I used to be so fixated on Microsoft Windows where I was quite determined to try all versions of it; Windows 3.1, Windows 3.1.1, Windows 95, Windows Millennium, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Even now, I have installed the beta version of Windows 8 on my Samsung NC10 netbook. However, the eagerness has faded. To me, Windows 7 is the best at the moment but it still cannot beat the stability that Mac OS X offered. It’s close but it’s a gap that I don’t think Microsoft will ever be able to fill.

In the past, my list of things to do after the long and painful process of setting up Windows was to install a list of pc tune up software and tools. I even resorted into creating an image of the Windows before first use as I knew that sooner or later, Windows will run slower and slower to a state where I have to format it and reinstall everything.

My MacBook Air is a year and six months old now. I have to admit that it’s slightly slower than before but it’s still acceptable. I haven’t had to worry about program not responding. I don’t have to install any mac tune up software. It just works every time I turn it on and I don’t even have to shut it down. MacBook Air only loses a couple of battery percentage after a day of standby. I am quite sure that the Microsoft world of ultrabooks will work quite the same like MacBook Air but if you look carefully, some ultrabooks cost more than MacBook Air. To still say that Mac is expensive than a PC is just not true at all. I believe that PC makers have learnt that in order to built something like MacBook Air, they just couldn’t keep the cost down. Take the Samsung Series 9 for example. It costs around £900 which is about the same as MacBook Air. The specifications are similar though I still love the look of MacBook Air. Mac OS X only costs around £12 – £20 every version and the updates that you get is so so rare.

My next desktop is definitely going to be a Mac. Mac Mini is the affordable version and most likely, it will be sufficient but I would love to get an iMac.

Great IT Plans …

Over the past few days, I have the sudden urge of getting my IT stuffs done. My MacBook Air’s copy of virtual Windows 7 isn’t working properly since a few months ago and my Samsung NC10 netbook’s operating system is corrupted like almost a year ago. By my usual standard, I would have fixed them long time ago. Instead, I seem to have put all things on halt. I am not sure why but busy isn’t the word I am looking for. Must be games. My weakness for gaming sometimes really put me behind of schedule. However, it’s undeniable that gaming relaxes my mind and I really need that.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Anyway, I have a few plans going on. First, I have downloaded Windows 8 consumer preview, ready to replace my MacBook Air’s copy of virtual Windows 7. It expires next January and should give me plenty of time to play with it. I will just reinstall Windows 7 when it expires as it’s virtual anyway. Then I shall fix my Samsung NC10 netbook. I plan to install iTunes on it and turn on the sharing function. Hence, it will be like a little server where I can just stream music from it rather than storing music files on my MacBook Air which has got limited space. If I had the space, I might turn it into a little netbook mini hifi as I have a spare set of 2.1 speakers.

I have also longed to replace my current desktop PC with Mac mini. Well, it’s not exactly my desktop, it’s more like Mee’s desktop. It’s not the time yet but sooner or later, I hope to turn the desktop PC into a media server.

To be honest, I am getting quite excited when I speak about it. I will be installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview tonight and from there, I hope that I can continue with what I have planned. Fingers crossed and I should be allocating some time for my gaming session!