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Windows on Mac?

I am seriously thinking of removing my copy of Windows XP which I installed on my Macbook Air. It’s taking up gigabytes of space and I am not really using it for like a year now. I am using Parallel to run it but it stops working every time I upgraded my Macbook Air OSX. Some of my friends who have Macbook don’t actually use OSX. Instead, they formatted their Macbook and install Windows. They install some music software which aren’t compatible with OSX. Lately, one of them bought an exciting hammond keyboard at Musicians Friend¬†and uses a software that runs on their Windows Macbook and link it to the keyboard. Well, why not just buy a Windows laptop? That would be my question.

Mac users are growing and growing fast. I would have thought that most software developers nowadays do create software for both Windows and Mac. In addition, specialised Mac software targeting musics and photos are much powerful than Windows and they are not available in Windows version. Certainly I would want my Macbook to run OSX if I were interested in music. Anyway, it’s their choice and not mine to make. I am content running OSX and it sounds quite sad sometimes as I only use my ¬£800 Macbook Air to organise my life and blogging occasionally.