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Relying Cloud …

I am getting a little worried about my MacBook Air now. The screen tends to flicker quite frequently but I just hope that it is the OS that’s causing it to behave like that. I don’t think that I have backed up all the photos. I must keep that in mind. So far, I have only backed up my iTunes files and most of my documents are in the Cloud. I tend not to store any documents in the hard drive now. With Cloud, I can access it with my devices and anywhere I want. Cloud may sound like an advance piece of web technology to some people but not many people know that they have already been using Cloud as far back as 10 years ago. Maybe more. I think the first time I use Cloud was about 16 years ago. In case you still haven’t got a clue about Cloud, think about email. When did you register your first email account?

I believe my first email account was with Hotmail. Well, with Hotmail, I can access my email anywhere I want as long as I have internet access. Essentially, Hotmail is a type of Cloud service and that Cloud term is made popular by Apple when they introduced iCloud. A lot of things have been around with us for a long time but no one really take notice of it. iPad for example. There has already been touch screen devices long before iPad. Yet people are obsessed with tablets only after the introduction of iPad. Anyone can make a product but not anyone can sell it successfully.

More hard disk space …

I finally moved all my apps to my portable hard drive and freeing up about 25GB of spaces. My MacBook Air now feels like it breathes easier and responds a tad quicker. But that could be my own imagination. The main issue was that it was quite slow when trying to update the apps between my devices and the apps stored in my portable drive. Hence, what I tend to do now is to update the apps through iTunes as well as on my devices. This way, only new apps will be copied. Better yet, I should download any new apps in iTunes as well as on my devices. If only iTunes has the options of synchronising the apps or just saving the apps’ titles. By the way, I have managed to update my Paradise Island HD too. I have now started playing it again and on to my next quest.

Well, if you have the same issue with your Paradise Island HD not being able to update directly from our device, just update it using your iTunes and synchronise the update.

By the way, I went to Apple Store today to look at the Mac Mini and Apple TV. There are about £400 difference between them yet I can’t work out which one I should get in the future. Apple TV is nice and simple as I only want transfer whatever I am playing to the big screen TV. Mac Mini is the Apple version of desktop PC and it can do so much more than a Apple TV but do I really want a computer attached to my TV? Chances are that I will be getting a Smart TV which will have its own internet connection anyway. There are already so many choices now and I can’t imagine what more choices we will have in a few years time.

Dumbphone …

Just now, one of our housemates asked me to transfer some files from his mobile phone to his thumb drive. As he is Polish and doesn’t speak English very well, you can quite imagine what our conversation like. There’s a lot of hand signs but it didn’t took too long for me to understand that it’s the photos that he wanted to transfer. He uses LG KM900 and when I connected it to my MacBook Air, it detected the mobile phone but I couldn’t get into the photos. It displayed a bunch of installation files but they were for Windows operating system. I tried bluetooth and neither my MacBook Air nor my iPhone 5 could make the connection successful. It just said the device is not compatible.

In the end, I used the desktop PC and it took almost an hour just to transfer 284MB from the mobile phone to my PC. It then took only a couple of minutes to transfer that amount of files to the thumb drive. I could never use dumbphone anymore, that’s what I thought when I finally finished the transfer process. Some of you may not know but dumbphone is a new word for the opposite of smartphone. The touch screen of the LG KM 900 was quite responsive but the operating system was really sluggish. The phone detected my gesture but it took a second or two to react. That’s how bad it was. I did a little search on LG KM 900 specifications while it’s transferring the files. Apparently, it has 8GB of internal space. Imagine how long do I have to wait if that housemate of ours has filled up his dumbphone’s internal space. Yeah, it could take a day!

Movie nights

Most of the time, I watch movies while Mee is sleeping. Hence, I use earphones all the time. I think between Mee and I, we have about 5 or 6 earphones and one sennheiser hd201 headphones. I don’t like in-ear earphones because they hurt my ears after a while and certainly not for me when watching 2-hour long movies. I use the headphones sometimes but it can be quite loud when watching action movies. Guess what, I find iPhone’s earphones to be the most comfortable ones. I think the shape of the earphones helps to make it comfortable to wear and it has a volume control too.

Sooner or later, we are going to move to a house. I wonder what are my option then. I will be watching movies using TV instead of my MacBook Air and earphones are no longer an option. I thought about wireless headphones but they can be quite expensive. If we were to buy a house, we will be using most of our savings and the rest of it will be used to buy the essential equipment for our new house. Hmm… maybe I will still stick to watching movies from my MacBook Air until such time when we have some spare cash for a wireless headphones.

No more PC

I used to be so fixated on Microsoft Windows where I was quite determined to try all versions of it; Windows 3.1, Windows 3.1.1, Windows 95, Windows Millennium, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Even now, I have installed the beta version of Windows 8 on my Samsung NC10 netbook. However, the eagerness has faded. To me, Windows 7 is the best at the moment but it still cannot beat the stability that Mac OS X offered. It’s close but it’s a gap that I don’t think Microsoft will ever be able to fill.

In the past, my list of things to do after the long and painful process of setting up Windows was to install a list of pc tune up software and tools. I even resorted into creating an image of the Windows before first use as I knew that sooner or later, Windows will run slower and slower to a state where I have to format it and reinstall everything.

My MacBook Air is a year and six months old now. I have to admit that it’s slightly slower than before but it’s still acceptable. I haven’t had to worry about program not responding. I don’t have to install any mac tune up software. It just works every time I turn it on and I don’t even have to shut it down. MacBook Air only loses a couple of battery percentage after a day of standby. I am quite sure that the Microsoft world of ultrabooks will work quite the same like MacBook Air but if you look carefully, some ultrabooks cost more than MacBook Air. To still say that Mac is expensive than a PC is just not true at all. I believe that PC makers have learnt that in order to built something like MacBook Air, they just couldn’t keep the cost down. Take the Samsung Series 9 for example. It costs around £900 which is about the same as MacBook Air. The specifications are similar though I still love the look of MacBook Air. Mac OS X only costs around £12 – £20 every version and the updates that you get is so so rare.

My next desktop is definitely going to be a Mac. Mac Mini is the affordable version and most likely, it will be sufficient but I would love to get an iMac.

Mountain Lion …

Every since I bought iPhone 5, I am very eager to get everything connected. My iPhone 5 is almost in sync with my iPad 2 except that my iPad 2 is still running the old iOS 5.0.1. I am just a bit lazy to update it especially it’s a jailbroken device. Most likely, I will be forced into updating it when it comes a time when I can’t install or update the apps and games. I kind of glad that I bought the 32GB iPad 2 because it’s almost full now. I wonder what I will do with a 16GB version. Apart from updating my iPad 2 to iOS6, another thing in my wish list is Mountain Lion.

I am still with Lion and I really disappointed that just a few months after Lion, Apple launched the cheaper Mountain Lion which has more significant changes than Lion. I just want to get rid of the MobileMe thingy sitting in the system preferences as well as the warning message that says it couldn’t find my mobileme account when I try to sync Calendar. But the ultimate question is when do I do it. My MacBook Air is quite low on disk space and I simply haven’t gotten the time to clear it out; mainly photos and apps. I am hoping to setup an iTune server but I just have too many things in my mind.

By the way, I have managed to share my reminder list to Mee’s iPhone. That way, she can update the list of things to buy on her iPhone and I will get it on my iPhone. She can just send a message to me asking me to check the list rather than sending me several messages on the things she would like me to buy after work. I think that’s what I like about Apple products and what Apple has been trying to promote. You can share between iDevices among yourself or among friends and families. I can be browsing on my MacBook Air and bookmark a website. The bookmark will then be available on my iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Even better with Mountain Lion and iOS 6 is the iCloud Tab. I could be browsing on my MacBook Air and pick up my Mac’s browser tabs from my iPhone 5. How convenient is that?!