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At long last, iPhone 5 …

iPhone 5 16GB

At last, after months of reading online blogs and tech news regarding leak iPhone 5 news and 13 days of online reservation plus walk-in to Apple store, I am holding an iPhone 5 now. The sad thing is, I can’t use it yet. As I am on Pay As You Go package, I can’t get a nano sim card for my number. I have to call to Three Mobile customer service and have the nano sim card delivered to me which will take about 3-5 working days. Anyhow, I got one now and that’s another tick on my check list of things to do.

It sounds sad but I kind of organise my life in a way that I have a check list of things to do and one after another, I will be looking forward to get them off my list. I think in life, when you have something to look forward to every day, even a purchase of mobile phone, it kind of makes life more meaningful. But believe me, getting an iPhone 5 is hit and miss. You never know whether or not you will be getting it or not. The reservation starts from 9am to 5pm and you will get a confirmation email only after 5pm to tell you whether or not you will be able to get one the next day. If you read some forums, you will know that the confirmation emails come in certain time; 730pm to 830pm then sometime around 11pm and even 5am the next day. I got mine at 818pm.

Coming back to my check list of things to do, with Apple products, everything is synchronised. I now have a MacBook Air, an iPad 2 and an iPhone 5 and everything that I am doing with either one of the devices, the others will get updated too. So, I can be doing things with my iPhone 5 while at work like adding calendar events or adding things to my check list, my MacBook Air and iPad 2 will get updated by the time I come home. I did mention to one of my friends once that I didn’t like to be ‘monopolised’ by a single brand of product, which in this case, Apple. He had a great answer for me at that time where he said if the product is good, why not.

Safari 6.0 …

Do you remember the first Internet browser you actually used? I remember mine but not the version though. It was Netscape. I think I am quite a loyal user when it comes to software usage. While using Netscape, Internet Explorer and Opera were on the rise. I still stuck with Netscape and refused to change until Internet Explorer and Opera offered more than what Netscape was capable of doing.

Everything new sounds good but whether or not they could remain an interest after a prolong use is another question. Opera offered things that Netscape couldn’t do; multiple tabs/screens one a single browser and faster browsing. I was attracted to Opera for a short while but soon, I switched to Internet Explorer as Opera couldn’t display webpages as good as Internet Explorer. And then Mozilla Firefox. And then Chrome. And now Safari.

At work, I still use Internet Explorer. My development has to be mainly focused on Internet Explorer as that’s what lecturers and students will be using when they come to the college. Personally, I have started using Safari ever since I bought myself a MacBook Air. Safari works well on Mac but it wasn’t that great on Windows operating system. Somehow, I am used to it and I use both Internet Explorer and Safari at work and mainly Safari at home.

As I mentioned earlier, I am quite a loyal user and since Safari works well for me from the beginning, I am reluctant to change. To be honest, Safari wasn’t one of the best browsers available until when I updated mine to version 6.0. The most noticeable difference is the combination of web address bar and search bar. I have waited for this update since I started using Safari. I wonder if it will ever get updated to Windows version of Safari. But as long as I got it on my MacBook Air, I am satisfied. Initially, I thought that it will only be available to the latest OS X Mountain Lion but I am glad that I was wrong.

I might sound silly because other than the combination of web address bar and search bar, I don’t think that I will gain much from this latest update. Oh yeah, the Reading List is now available for offline. I never used it before but I can see it being quite useful before I go abroad or storing interesting articles as I browse. As I have only updated it in the middle of the night, I can wait to go home now and use Safari with multi-gestures as seen in the Apple’s WWDC 2012 Keynote.

Diablo II …

Just a couple of days ago, Mee spotted some iPad2 casing on discount. They were really cheap and I was quite interesting in getting one. However, I somehow told myself not to get one just for the sake of getting one. I went through Amazon, eBay and Play.com. The prices were attractive but the cases didn’t fit for my purpose. So, why waste the money and space when I already have one.

Anyway, while browsing, I saw a huge advertisement about Diablo III. The problem that I have now is whenever I see something about games, I will be thinking whether or not there will be a version of it in iPad. Sadly no. It costs about £35 for a Mac version of Diablo III but I am not even sure if my Macbook Air could run it properly. In the end, I went for the alternative. I downloaded a copy of Diablo II, installed Windows XP on my Macbook Air using Parallel and Diablo II runs effortlessly.

Diablo II

The version of my Diablo II comes with Lord of Destruction expansion pack and it’s patched up to v1.13. The game itself only supports 800X600 resolution which looks small on my Macbook Air. I turned to the Google and it found an answer for me; D2MultiRes. It didn’t work out of the box as it only supports up to v1.12. Some Korean guy posted his own version of resolution hack for v1.13 but it all seemed a bit complicated. I was determined to get D2MultiRes working and hence downgraded from v1.13 to v1.12. I don’t suppose there’s a huge difference between the two.

Once downgraded, I was able to use D2MultiRes to run Diablo II and pumped up the resolution to 1440X900. It was superb. I guess there will be hours of gaming ahead!

IT plan continues

Just two days ago, I powered up my netbook and found out that the battery wasn’t charging. I tried to plug and unplug numerous times but to no avail. I searched the internet for solutions and apparently, there have been many cases where Samsung NC10’s battery just died suddenly. Some users had only used it for a couple of month. In a way, I am considered lucky because I bought it at the end of 2008 with moderate usage before I bought MacBook Air. It has been left in the cupboard for almost a year. Until I took it out last week to restore it. Surprisingly, it’s charging again last night. However, the calibration is off and the operating system will just show that the battery is empty all the time and the battery light will always be in charging state no matter how many hours I leave it plugged. Anyway, it’s charging and I can’t ask for more for now.

I am slowly turning it into a mini server. I have installed iTunes and it is now home sharing musics to my MacBook Air and iPad2. I have also created a shared folder and moved some of my files from MacBook Air to the folder. So far so good and hopefully, I can start freeing up my MacBook Air disk spaces.

I think I am kind of satisfied with the gadgets that I have at the moment. The only complain that I have would be my mobile phone. Though it’s less than two-year-old, I am starting to get annoyed by it. It’s constantly on low disk space state which means I can’t install anymore stuffs in it. I still can’t understand why Android is designed to utilise a mobile phone disk space so poorly. For example, my HTC Desire has around 500MB of ROM. Out of the 500MB, only 200MB can be used for apps and games. Even though I can move the apps and games to my 4GB SD card, it still leaves some bits and pieces in the ROM. And any cache is stored in the 200MB internal memory space instead of the 4GB SD card. I didn’t have to deal with this kind of problem when I used Windows Phone 6 and Android is considered to be much more advance and newer. I wonder why?

The one gadget that I will not get for myself is ereaders. My sis has asked me to “like” Amazon Kindle to enter a prize draw. Well, I have just done it though I am not really keen on doing that. Coincidentally, the drawing date is the same date as the draw for some of my charity raffle tickets that I bought yesterday. Hmm… I do hope to win something thought I am rubbish when it comes to prize drawing and stuffs.

Revival of Samsung NC10 …

Well, the title is a bit exaggerating. Anyhow, I have restored my Samsung NC10 and it is now as good as when it was bought new. Mind you, I still have the plastic protection on both front and back of the lid. Linux Ubuntu somehow crashed my Samsung NC10, hence, it failed to load into anything as the boot manager was managed by Linux. As soon as I finished restoring, I hesitated for a while as to whether to install Windows 7 or try the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The choice was clear in the end as I couldn’t resist having the latest copy of OS. In fact, this is the first time I ever tried Windows beta version only because I have just one PC and it would be quite troublesome to reinstate when the beta version expires.

Anyway, I tried to install the copy of Windows 8 Consumer Preview which I have installed successfully on my MacBook Air only to be met by an error saying that this copy of Windows is not compatible with my Samsung NC10. I tried a couple more times and I remembered that the copy that I have was for 64-bit processor. Hence, I downloaded the 32-bit Windows 8 Consumer Preview a while ago since the download speed is a lot higher in the office.

The reason behind the revival of my Samsung NC10 is just so I can utilize its 160GB hard disk space. I have been wanting to purchase an external hard drive but I couldn’t decide which type to go for; NAS, WiFi or the normal USB external hard drive. Since my Samsung NC10 is sitting around and doing nothing while my MacBook Air disk space is clogging up, I could share my Samsung NC10 for music and movies or maybe photos. For a start, I shall be using iTunes for music and movies as a shared drive. If it works well, I can do more things with the idea than just sharing. I have another old PC which should have another 200GB which I can use as a server. Due to the limited space in my room, it has to be in the store room for now. When Mee and I have our own place, it will be the revival of my old PC! It probably sounds a little bit lame but when I think of these stuffs, I get very excited.