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iPhone Battery Case …

I recently bought an iPhone 5 battery case, or in a more recognisable phrase, power bank. When I was back in Malaysia several months ago, power bank was kind of a hot issue. One of my friends told me that he was at a computer exhibition some time ago and almost all the stores were selling power banks. Hence, I started looking for one after I came back to UK.

Apparently, most of these power banks are made in China, no surprise. Companies would just buy them in bulk and slap their logo. Considering there are many dodgy products which are made in China, I am very wary of what I am buying, especially batteries.

In the end, I saw one at Sports Direct last weekend. It’s the type that I would prefer, a case with rechargeable battery source. However, I never heard of the brand before. After a few minutes consideration, I bought one. I have charged it twice now and it seems to be working as expected. I don’t need a huge amount of power. I just need something that would make my iPhone 5 last for a day. Two days later, Mee bought one too. Unfortunately, it wasn’t suitable for her iPhone 5S. When connected, her iPhone 5S actually prompted saying that the device is not supported. How weird and surprise at the same time!

iPad …

Have you just bought the new iPad? Did you sell your old iPad? Nah, I did none of those. The new iPad is certainly attractive but I have no extra cash to burn. One of the reasons that I didn’t buy the first iPad was because of the lack of camera. So, in came the iPad2, and I knew that I have waited for too long. iPad2 back camera is not impressive but I just couldn’t wait for this new iPad and therefore, I took the plunge. Otherwise, I would have missed another year’s of fun!

I can’t seem to remember if there were any faults with the iPad2 when it was launched. Neither did I notice anything bad with the first iPad. This new iPad however, already have reports of it being too hot. As with iPhone4S, there were all sorts of problems when it first launched. I wonder if that is going to be a trend for Apple products from now on. Anyone would have thought that they must have tested their products countless times. Maybe, Apple should stop carrying the “Assembled in China” tag for its range of products.

Assembled in China