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Organic is the word that Mee and I are looking for every time we do our food shopping. We are proud to say that we try to buy organic as much as possible. We have had our first organic vegetable bag order from a local farm this week and we are really feeling positive about it. However, one vegetable bag is not quite enough to cater for all the food that we eat. We still have do visit supermarkets to get the rest of our food. Tesco used to be our main shopping place but we find ourselves going to Sainsbury too mainly because Tesco has stopped some of its organic produce. I actually tweeted Tesco and I got a reply saying that their sales on organic produce has dropped by half and the management has decided to pull out some of the worst performed products. It doesn’t quite make sense to us as we would have thought that it should be more and more people buying organic produces.

A couple of months ago, we have bought a Samson masticating juicer. It’s one of those slow juicer which squeezes the fruits and vegetables to get the juices rather than using blades. It is suppose to be good and keeping all the nutrients in the juice. Just by saying that it’s healthier than normal juicer, they are of course more expensive. There are no covers for it, hence, I am trying to see if one of those mixer covers would fit. Again, those covers are not cheap too.

Organic lifestyle definitely has some effects on our bank balance. However, we feel it’s worth it since just by eating organic, we feel better already. In a way, we also help local farm. Organic sales in supermarket drops probably because more people are opting for vegetable bags and boxes from local farms.


Mee had fallen in about two weeks ago. I had been busy taking care of her and she is recovering well. In fact, I am certain that she is fine now. It’s just that she hadn’t bee eating regularly and it’s only the last couple of days where she has really shown the sign of her normal appetite. We even bought a fairly expensive thermometer just to monitor Mee’s temperature as she wasn’t getting better from her fever of 38 to 39 degree Celsius. She’s been to the GP twice and the A&E once. Apparently, the doctors didn’t seem to be to concern about the fever. The last doctor we saw, he suggested Mee for a blood test in 10 days time and he also made sure that we have an appointment with him to look at the blood test results. I thought he was the nicest doctor we saw so far. Not that we saw a lot of doctors here, but he was very patient and not using the common sense attitude.

Since this little incident, we have been buying as many organic products as we can for our daily meals. We are also ditching our fruit juicer for a masticating juicer.  Masticating juicer is thought to be able to retain the nutrient and mineral of the fruits as well as getting the most juices out of the fruits.

At the back of my mind, there’s always the thought of what will happen when we live too cleanly. I would have thought a little bit of dirt is supposed to be good. When I was young, my digestive system wouldn’t work with oily food. I put it down to the fact that I always eat at home. As a family, we only went out for a meal probably no more than 10 times a year. When I left home for college, I was suffering from stomach pain the very first night. I couldn’t say that I am healthier but my digestive system is definitely better than before. Hence, eating too ‘cleanly’ or ‘organic’ is a bit worrying for me.