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Dawsons music

I wrote about our local music store Dawsons quite a few times before. When Mee and I went to town centre today, it just prompts me to walk into the store and have a look around. There were some cool discount guitars on sale and that also reminded me of me ex-manager who said he was going to town to pick up some guitar strings. Anyway, the layout of the store has changed and they seem to have less stock than before and there’s a bigger area for music class. I guess they have better revenues in teaching music rather than just selling music equipment.

Sigh, every time I blog about music, it also reminds me of the keyboard that Mee and I bought a while back. I guess I don’t have the talent in playing music. Or maybe I am just lazy and prefer to play games rather than be interested in music. If we were living in a house right now and have a space for our keyboard rather than boxed up right now, Mee might be interested in playing it once a while. In any way, I can’t imagine myself playing the keyboard anymore.