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The new iPhone …

The hottest technology topic now is the iPhone 5, or the new iPhone or whatever Apple will call it when it launches. At first, I found it quite interesting reading the news by just googling for iPhone 5. It has now kind of confirmed that the new iPhone will have a 4″ screen,smaller dock connector, smaller SIM holder, different earphone jack location and bigger battery. Everything else pretty much stays the same as iPhone 4/4S. I believe that many Apple fans would love the idea that the rumours so far are not exactly true. I am not sure how smartphone users will react when they see the new iPhone as a copy of the old iPhone but just slightly longer. Sure enough when Apple introduces it, the new iPhone will be an exciting product no matter how resemblance it will be to iPhone 4/4S.

As time moves on, the world wide web is just circling the news around. A lot of tech bloggers have different opinions and a lot of the articles are just copying one another with no new information coming through. Well, even now, I am repeating most of the information about the new iPhone. The question now is not when will it arrive? but when I can hold one?

New iPhone leaked photo …

This is the latest leaked photo of what they called the new iPhone. Well, the screen is taller but not wider. I am not sure if I am attracted by the look of it but then again, it’s an unfinished product and may not be real at all. Some of the concept designs are really good but again, they are just concept designs which means it will take quite a bit of time for it to become a consumer product.

In addition, there are rumours that Apple have already started the production of the new iPhone and an 7th August announcement sounds quite possible. I think a lot of people are very excited by every new Apple products. Even when I wasn’t interested in Apple products, I was following their development progress, let alone now.

I used to say that who needs an iPhone. Essentially, it is just an iPod with phone capability. Well, I was wrong though not totally wrong. iPad is definitely an oversize iPod and since I already have an iPad, iPod will only be just another piece of equipment for me. Like I mentioned previously in my posts, I have developed an interest in bigger size screen gadgets. My HTC Desire is already 3.7″ and I can imagine my next mobile phone to be less than that. Anyway, the new iPhone is hopefully, going to be an exciting one and not like iPhone 4S.

Rewards …

No pain no gain. I have been working 7 days a week for half a month now and I wonder how much longer I can be doing this. Yes, I am getting paid for the overtime works but somehow, my brain doesn’t operate that good when I work beyond the normal 7.5 hours a day especially everyday. I guess I just have to stay strong and get some early sleep more often though I have failed to do so, so far. One of the things that keeps me going is what I will do once this project is finished. Reward comes to my mind and I suppose it’s time for me to upgrade my mobile phone! I have few other things in my wish list but mobile phone sounds like a better idea at the moment. I don’t want to be clogging my rented room with big electronic equipment, well, not until I got my own house.

I am currently waiting for the announcement of the new iPhone. Some says it will come as early as August and I am really excited about it. I still like my HTC Desire but the lack of internal space is really annoying. Also, whenever a newer version of ROM is out, I have to erase the contents of my mobile phone in order to update it. Hence, it involves backups and copying files here and there. Apple products on the other hand, uses iTunes. You either love it or hate it, I think. I stand in the middle but you can’t deny that life is a lot easier with it than without it. For my iPad, I can just plug it in and it backs up everything. For Mee’s iPhone, it does the same too. I don’t have to worry if I have backup my messages, contacts or apps list like when I am using Android. iTunes backs up almost everything. Now with iCloud, it’s even easier though it doesn’t work with Google Mail.

As I said previously, I have passed the stage where everything is an experiment. I look for things that make my life easier. I have good fun with Android but there are things that really frustrate me. Well, the latest leaked photo suggested that the new iPhone will have 4″ screen but I do hope that it will be bigger than 4″. My HTC Desire is already 3.7″ and an extra 0.3″ won’t make a huge difference.