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Apple WWDC …

There were some interesting announcement at the recent Apple’s WWDC event. On the last WWDC event, I watched the whole keynote on Apple’s website mainly because it’s announcing Apple iPhone 5. This time, I didn’t. I only watched the iOS 7 video and some articles about OS X Mavericks. I can’t wait for the release of iOS 7. I am pretty sure that I will be downloading it the moment it is released. In the past, I would just wait for a few weeks and then check the internet for any reviews or problems that might have been reported by other users.Well, the reason is simple, iOS 7 is like a major upgrade compared to previous versions. It seems like Apple is gearing towards what Android has to offer. I love the overall simplistic of Apple iOS yet in order to check my upcoming calendar events, I always have to unlock the screen and then open the calendar app. Now, the iOS 7 has a notification centre in the lockscreen which will be real handy. However, from the screenshots on Apple’s website, it seems like the notification centre is only showing missed calls, calendar events and weather. It will be great if the final version of iOS 7 includes items in the reminder.

Control center is very much like the one in Android. I can live without it but it’s nice to have. Shame that AirDrop only available for newer devices. The camera app looks like it copies Camera 360 but with less functionalities. All in all, the notification centre is the one to watch. I don’t want to always have to unlock the screen to get to see my tasks or events. It’s just one step too many.

OS X Mavericks, I don’t see much difference from OS X Mountain Lion. The only interesting thing would be the way it compresses memory to give better performance. When I bought my MacBook Air, it comes with OS X Snow Leopard. Just a few months later, OS X Lion was launched and then a couple of months later, OS X Mountain Lion. I kind of regretted for upgrading to OS X Lion. However, upgrading OS X operating system is not as expensive as upgrading Windows operating system. Anyway, there are significance in OS X Mountain Lion but the performance seems to be worst than OS X Snow Leopard. So, I am hoping that OS X Mavericks can be faster than OS X Mountain Lion as claimed.

Apple WWDC Keynote …

A couple of days ago, I watched the Apple’s WWDC keynote on its website. I guess that was the first time I actually watched any keynote. I didn’t watch it all since it was about 2 hours long. I watched the opening and then skipped to the Mac OSX Mountain Lion. Or should I say OS X Mountain Lion since they started removing the Mac from the name. There are certainly a few good things to talk about considering all the integrations between Apple devices via iCloud work effortlessly. However, as a Lion user, I somehow feel a bit cheated since I have only just bought OS X Lion 7 months ago though it cost me just £20.99.

It seems to me that Apple are trying to keep up with the market by launching Lion instead of waiting until they have a more complete OS X which would have been the Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion can be upgraded from Snow Leopard and Lion and I am sure many will complain if Mountain Lion is only available for upgrade from Lion. I say, it would only be fair enough if there were two prices; one for upgrading from Snow Leopard (which should be higher) and one for upgrading from Lion.

Having said all that, I would probably be lining up electronically to purchase Mountain Lion since it costs a lot less than £20.