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Secret Santa

Yep, received the secret santa email from my colleague yesterday. As usual, we will each get a £5 value present and just before we go for our Christmas lunch, we will have a draw. Mee’s department has the same sort of Secret Santa thing but the method is different. Each of them will choose a name from a box with pieces of papers written with their individual names. The person who choose will be responsible to buy the present for the person that get chosen. In my opinion, this is a better way than getting a random £5 value present. Anyway, it’s been like this for us from the year I started working and it’s not easy to change.

I believe that I will be hunting for a £5 present this Sunday as I don’t think that my items will arrive promptly if I ordered online. I saw some Afro style nose trimmers which look really cute, Darth Vaders pressure ball and pedometers in bulk for savings. I guess I will try my luck in town to see if there is anything like those online products. Last year, I actually bought the present like a month or two before Christmas. This year, I am just totally lost the plot.


Hmm… it is almost Christmas and I have not posted anything about Christmas at all. First of, this year’s Christmas is nothing like any Christmas in the past years since Mee and I came to UK. The weather is not exactly wintery and there is not a single drop of snow yet. There was some sleet the other day and that’s about it. One of my colleagues said that this year’s Christmas might be the hottest with 15 degree Celsius expected.

As usual, my mailbox is flooded with e-leaflets. When I purchased something from Amazon, I expect that I will get an e-leaflet per day from Amazon. Funnily enough, those items listed in the e-leaflet are matching items to my most recent purchase. Why would Amazon think that I still want to purchase similar thing after my initial purchase? Okay, it may sound confusing but I just don’t understand the purpose behind it.

As for other e-stores like ebuyer and play.com, they just keep bombarding my mailbox about anything they sell; gadgets, hard disks, cufflinks for men, clothing, swimwear and many more things. Maybe I have not purchased anything from them and they could not find a match. Anyway, Mee and I bought our office’s Secret Santa presents long before these promotions, hence, I just browse these e-leaflets for fun. Who knows as I might find some really cheap stuffs from those e-leaflets though it’s not really possible!

Christmas soon

No doubt Christmas is fast approaching. Every year, the celebrations seem to get earlier and earlier. Just weeks ago, Christmas trees have already been put up in the town centre. Dozen of retail stores have started decorating and having sales. Very soon, my colleagues will be talking about our yearly Christmas presents where each of us will buy a small gift and put into together into a sack. On our final working day before our Christmas break, we will each draw one out and that will be our Christmas present. I wonder what will be their selection of Christmas gifts for babies as one of my colleagues has got a baby girl and another baby coming soon. My other colleagues might get something for that colleague since it’s Christmas.

Hmm… I don’t think that I ever bought anything for myself during Christmas. Well, I mean something expensive. All I ever got during previous Christmases was clothing. As I mentioned in my previous post, I might get myself an iPod Nano watch. It’s nothing new, it’s just an iPod Nano plus a watch strap. I have done some research for the past few days and most smart watches are either expensive or ugly. I think iPod Nano watch might just do it well for me. To my surprise, Sony Ericsson had developed a series of bluetooth watches a few years ago. However, no one knows why they decided to discontinue it.