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Viera Remote 2 …

I downloaded the Viera Remote 2 app immediately after I connected our TV to the wifi yesterday. I was a little bit worried when I read the reviews as most people said that it doesn’t work for them. Well, it’s either they don’t know what they are doing, or they don’t know what the app is supposed to do. I am surprise how easy it is to use the app. I can share my photos from my iPhone to the TV easily with a single swipe. It would be great if I can share other apps or even games on the TV but that’s just too much asking. I can also use my iPhone as a remote control but that is just something extra since the remote control is pretty much easy to use.

When I was researching for a suitable TV, I was wondering if Samsung or LG TVs would be better in terms of apps. Most of Samsung and LG Smart TVs seem to be connected to Google Apps market. However, not all apps and games are compatible to run on TVs. Panasonic Viera has its own Viera market and the apps are scarce. Other than the media player, it is very unlikely that I will use Facebook on the TV. Anyway, the app is an extra and I love it.

More hard disk space …

I finally moved all my apps to my portable hard drive and freeing up about 25GB of spaces. My MacBook Air now feels like it breathes easier and responds a tad quicker. But that could be my own imagination. The main issue was that it was quite slow when trying to update the apps between my devices and the apps stored in my portable drive. Hence, what I tend to do now is to update the apps through iTunes as well as on my devices. This way, only new apps will be copied. Better yet, I should download any new apps in iTunes as well as on my devices. If only iTunes has the options of synchronising the apps or just saving the apps’ titles. By the way, I have managed to update my Paradise Island HD too. I have now started playing it again and on to my next quest.

Well, if you have the same issue with your Paradise Island HD not being able to update directly from our device, just update it using your iTunes and synchronise the update.

By the way, I went to Apple Store today to look at the Mac Mini and Apple TV. There are about £400 difference between them yet I can’t work out which one I should get in the future. Apple TV is nice and simple as I only want transfer whatever I am playing to the big screen TV. Mac Mini is the Apple version of desktop PC and it can do so much more than a Apple TV but do I really want a computer attached to my TV? Chances are that I will be getting a Smart TV which will have its own internet connection anyway. There are already so many choices now and I can’t imagine what more choices we will have in a few years time.