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Decision ….

I am just going to talk about what’s everyone has been talking these days; iPhone 5. The preorder was finished in about 1 – 2 hours and many predicts that the retail sales will be finished by Sunday. Expect lots of people queuing up at Apple stores and various mobile network phone shops. I remembered being in town when the iPhone 4S was launched but I didn’t remember the sort of crazy queues as described on the internet. Maybe not every town would get long queues. Well, I will be checking out the iPhone 5 this Saturday and if it’s not out of stock, I will probably be getting one.

Okay, lots of people will say it’s worth it and lots of others will say I am crazy. I like to think that it’s worth it. I have considered various options and since I have a Macbook Air and an iPad, it seems sensible enough that my next mobile phone should be an iPhone. As much as I love my HTC Desire, it still couldn’t keep up. Honestly, if it had performed as well as iPhone 4, I wouldn’t think about getting a new mobile phone just yet. Bear in mind that HTC Desire is almost similar to iPhone 4.

I thought long and hard between Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC One X and iPhone 5. My final ranking would be iPhone 5 first, followed by HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy SIII. I am quite surprised that HTC One X is not as popular as Samsung Galaxy SIII. I was a Samsung Omnia user and the build quality was really bad. My friends said that the use of plastic casing was to make the device as light as possible. Well, take a look at iPhone 5 and HTC One X. The materials used are far better than Samsung Galaxy SIII. Maybe it’s not fair to bring iPhone 5 into the discussion of weight as it is a smaller phone, but HTC One X is about the same size as Samsung Galaxy SIII. Anyway, I just don’t like Samsung mobile phone products anymore especially when looking at their advertisement as well as how they copied Apple Stores. I don’t see HTC doing the same thing?

The fact is, if I am now holding an Android tablet, I will be craving for iPad. Now that I have an iPad 2, it’s period. I don’t even crave for the new iPad. That’s the same case for iPhone 5. I don’t think that I will be getting another new mobile phone unless the iPhone that I am getting stops working or no longer supported by Apple’s iOS.

On another note, I also remembered that I once said that I will blog more now that I have a Macbook Air. It didn’t realise. I said that again when I got my iPad. It didn’t realise either. In fact, I blog lesser and lesser. Now I kind of hope that getting an iPhone 5 will get me blogging more frequently again. Well, time will tell.

The New iPhone? …

When the 3rd generation of iPad or the iPad 3 or the rather official name the new iPad was announced, almost every blogs and tech reviewers praised Apple in naming the new iPad. They said that if Apple were going to name the new iPad as iPad 3, what would happen in the future if Apple were to keep up with the trend and introducing a new iPad every year. It would be iPad 10 many years later. But just how “the new iPad” is appropriate in this occasion. How would iPad or a normal user call his/her new iPad when the next iPad comes out. The new iPad will eventually be an old iPad and naturally, the name “the New iPad” will no longer be appropriate.

In my opinion, Apple should start naming iPad with a code name like what Apple has with OS X. Well, not that my small opinion actually matters or even makes much sense to Apple. But certainly, the new iPad doesn’t make sense to me. Codenames should separate each version of iPad very nicely just like OS Xes.

Apple may have already realised this and maybe the new iPhone will not be called “the New iPhone” just like some bloggers predicted. I am sure that Apple will come up with something but I will be disappointed if the New iPhone is going to be the name. After all, I am quite likely to purchase the new iPhone.