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Never buy from thehut.com …


Guess what? I received an email from thehut.com yesterday. It said;

We are really sorry but due to a high demand we have unfortunately sold out and are unable to fulfil your order.

It’s really frustrating and that was the second time that I tried to buy something from the site. I have bought things online so many times and most reputable sites are very good at stock checking especially electronic sites. In addition, it offers PayPal payment but the payment never went through. It kept saying that the payment cannot be processed. It’s a rubbish site and I believe that buying from them requires patience, time and most importantly luck! I would rather look elsewhere even if they cost a little bit more.

Good deals, or not

Just today, I bought another jacket. I told myself that this is going to be the last jacket I am going to buy, maybe for this year. At £11.99, it’s hard to resist. I had to choose between BoxFresh and Northface fleece. I already have a fleece jacket, hence I chose BoxFresh instead. And I bought it from TheHut.com. The problem is, Mee bought a pair of pants from the website before but a week after that, it said that it didn’t have the stock available due to popular demand. A lot of people have posted similar things regarding the website. Therefore, the chance of getting an email saying that my BoxFresh jacket is out of stock is very likely. If that’s really the case, I might not buy from TheHut.com anymore in the future no matter how good the deal is.