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Only one thing

Christmas is around the corner but it getting pretty near as we speak. However, there’s only one thing in my mind at the moment, my new car. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am just hoping that everything will be fixed properly by the time Mee and I go to pick it up on Thursday. To be honest, I am not really sure if I will be that excited should we choose other cars such as Renault Clio, Peugeot 207 or even Ford Focus. I have seen their specifications and they are quite a basic car. Toyota Auris, on the other hand, has quite a few things that not many cars have. For one, I can’t wait to test the Stop and Start technology. Don’t be mistaken with the keyless stop/start engine technology. The Stop and Start technology is where the engine will switch itself off when the car is stationary, like stopping at the traffic light. The engine switch itself on when it’s ready to move. Initially, I was thinking of what will happen when there’s traffic jam. Wouldn’t the engine keep turning itself on and off all the time? Well, the engine will only turn itself off when it’s in neutral and will turn itself back on when the clutch is fully depressed. Cool, isn’t it?

It’s a shame that it doesn’t have the keyless entry system though.

The air conditioning system has automatic control. The control for the passenger’s side is separate from the driver’s side. Mee is always cold cold cold while I am always hot hot hot. Hence, I can turn down or switch off my air conditioning without affecting Mee and vice versa. In addition, the Toyota Auris comes with a six-speed gear box which I have never driven one before. It will be kind of exciting at first. I can’t imagine my daily travel to work will require me to use the sixth gear. Other than these, there’s the digital display which will tell you when it’s best to shift up or shift down as well as a multi information display which I haven’t figured what it does other than displaying the temperature, clock and date. I think I am even more excited than picking up other gadgets that I have owned.

Anyway, I haven’t replied my colleague’s email regarding the Christmas menu and I haven’t heard them mentioning about the Secret Santa. As Toyota Auris is almost the only thing in my mind until Thursday, I guess I still have time to shop for the Secret Santa this weekend. The easiest way would be to follow the link to click here for Navy challenge coins. No one would know who bought the presents anyway. That’s why it’s called Secret Santa.

New Car …

Well, not really a new car, should be a new used car. Mee and I went to a car dealer on Saturday afternoon and we picked a 2009 Toyota Auris. Initially, I had two other cars in my list to view on Saturday but after a quick call, they were a disappointment. The first one was a Ford Focus. When we called, someone already has put down a deposit and the car has been damaged in an accident before, hence the price. The second one was a Volkswagen Polo but it was a company car, hence the high mileage. Actually, after speaking to a few people, I decided that high mileage is not a factor to put me off from buying a car but the Volkswagen Polo was a company car and anyone could have been driving it.

Hence, Toyota Auris was the only car that Mee and I were prepared to see on Saturday. First impression was bad, especially for Mee. The cabin was kind of dusty and not clean. I thought it was ok since it only needed a thorough cleaning and should be alright after that. The engine sounded quiet. Upon further investigation, the driver’s door’s upholstery had come off badly at one end which the dealer said that it was caused by the seat belt caught between the seat and the door. Hmm… that previous driver must be quite rough. In addition, the bonnet had some stone chip marks and Mee was not quite impressed either. The Toyota has around 55,000 miles on the clock and I would expect it to have stone chip marks.

We went on to look at other cars, Renault Clio and Ford Focus. There was one Renault Clio which had quite low mileage and clean throughout. However, I just don’t like it’s interior design. In the end, we decided to walk away from the dealer and the plan would be to look at AutoTrader website again. However, the dealer came to ask our opinion. We just told him that we quite like the Toyota Auris but we have a few issues with it. He asked us to point out the issues to him and he can actually get them fixed with no extra charges. When asked about the dusty cabin, he mentioned that they normally clean it thoroughly before they hand it over to customers. All in all, I felt the customer service was good since he offered to fix the car so that it is pleasing to our eyes. On the other hand, there are still thoughts behind our mind that there’s a motive of him being so good.

Anyway, we paid the deposit for the car and we can only hope for the best now. This is the second time I bought a used car in the UK. The first time was very quick and I didn’t even ask any questions. This time, I asked quite a lot of questions but I still don’t think they were enough. Buying new car would be much more simpler.

Buying Used Cars

I am officially in search for a used car now. After the first experience of buying a 9-year used car, I am in search for a not so old used car. The repairs and increment of road tax year by year can be quite unbearable. My current Ford Focus can still pass the coming MOT with a few repairs here and there but I am not quite sure how much the repairs will cost. Best not to take the risk and here I go again, searching for used cars. This time, my target is for smaller cars such as Honda Jazz, Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio and Peugeot 207. On and off, I do look at Ford Focus and Toyota Auris. If the price is right, I might get myself another Ford Focus!

Today, Mee and I went to a nearby car dealer to look at a Peugeot 207. It’s a great looking car but it seems to me that it’s kind of like a basic car for me when compared to Honda Jazz. Having said that, Honda Jazz is slightly more expensive. Well, smaller cars tend to have just basic features compare to medium size cars that’s why I prefer bigger cars. For me, the bigger the better but sadly, I couldn’t afford them. I don’t usually travel far anyway.

My other worry is about getting rid of my current car. Lots of dealers are doing part exchange and I am not quite sure how much they are willing to pay. I might even have to pay them to get rid of it! This weekend will be the first weekend of car hunting. By the way, just as I am registering my details on Auto Traders and other similar websites, my mailbox is starting to fill with tons of advertisements. Most of them are cars related but I do get some odd ones about cheap hearing aids and free books. It just shows how quickly the information travels.