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Driving in the snow …

It’s my second day of driving in the snow. I may be exaggerating a bit here because there weren’t many snow. I only had to drive a short distance to reach the main road which was already cleared. Well, my first impression is that Toyota Auris seems to hold better than my previous Ford. The previous Ford always had a terrible sound when the traction control came in and it struggled in slushy and icy road. When the forecast said it was going to snow, I actually did a search on how Toyota Auris performs in snow. Most of them said it was rubbish. Having driving my Toyota Auris these two days, I like to think that they didn’t know how to drive in snow. Hence, it’s not Toyota Auris’ problem.

I got out of the driveway with no problem and no skid considering that it has no traction control system in place. I still can’t believe my Ford, which would have been 13 years now, has the traction control system and Toyota Auris has it as optional. I would have thought that traction control is standard nowadays. To be honest, I bought Toyota Auris only because it has climate control, cheap to insure and it’s only 1.33 litre engine. Having said that it is a 1.33 litre engine, it doesn’t seem to be much difference compared to my previous 1.6 litre Ford Focus. Maybe the Ford Focus has lost too much of its engine power over the years. Given a choice next time, I believe I will go for european car instead.