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Water softener

For the past two days, our ex-landlord has been to our house, installing our water softener. He has to strip apart one quarter of the kitchen in order to get to the pipes. When he explained to us about what he was going to do, it sounded all too easy. Tomorrow, he has to come again and I wonder if he will be able to finish it. It seems like he still has a lot to do. Who knows installing a water softener can be so time consuming. I always thought it would be easy as it only took him a few hours or maybe a day to install the water softener at our previously rented room’s house.

Besides installing the water softener, he needs to install another mini faucet that bypass the water softener as drinking water. He also needs to install a water filter and get all the pipes sorted. Sometimes, I feel a bit sorry for him for having to do all these jobs for us. It’s not like he has to do it for us. I think he is too kind to reject our request since he has his own house to sort out. However, when I see him doing all the works, he seems like he is enjoying it a lot!

Today, he brought a set of lock pick set. When asked why he needed that, he said that he is not going to do anything illegal. It’s just that the set can help him opening some weird screws. Anyway, I just hope that the water softener can be done tomorrow. Then we will be able to move on to the next thing in our list.

House progress

Today, Mee highlighted that the progress on the house is a bit slow. I do agree on that but the thing is that we are still waiting on the delivery of the fridge freezer and water softener. Until we get the fridge freezer, I can’t really measure how much to cut off from the workshop. Until we get the water softener, we can get our landlord to install it for us, which he offered after much asks from us. We also planned to change the electric box but our landlord has yet to give us the number he promised. Well, I should have asked him instead of waiting for him but I just have too much in my mind.

I painted another coat of paint in our built in wardrobe and I will see how it looks tomorrow. If it doesn’t get any better, I think I will just leave it alone. It’s not hideous but if you look closely, it has a bubble like effect. I searched online and it happens mostly to untreated surface or moist. Well, it’s not going to give us any major issues and it’s best to leave it alone and carry on to work on other area in the house.

There are quite a lot of places in the house where we can hang stuffs thanks to the previous owner. When we viewed the house, some parts of the walls are full of Army coins and various assorted coins. They must love their coins. Mee and I will be more tempted to put our photos instead.