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Revival of Samsung NC10 …

Well, the title is a bit exaggerating. Anyhow, I have restored my Samsung NC10 and it is now as good as when it was bought new. Mind you, I still have the plastic protection on both front and back of the lid. Linux Ubuntu somehow crashed my Samsung NC10, hence, it failed to load into anything as the boot manager was managed by Linux. As soon as I finished restoring, I hesitated for a while as to whether to install Windows 7 or try the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The choice was clear in the end as I couldn’t resist having the latest copy of OS. In fact, this is the first time I ever tried Windows beta version only because I have just one PC and it would be quite troublesome to reinstate when the beta version expires.

Anyway, I tried to install the copy of Windows 8 Consumer Preview which I have installed successfully on my MacBook Air only to be met by an error saying that this copy of Windows is not compatible with my Samsung NC10. I tried a couple more times and I remembered that the copy that I have was for 64-bit processor. Hence, I downloaded the 32-bit Windows 8 Consumer Preview a while ago since the download speed is a lot higher in the office.

The reason behind the revival of my Samsung NC10 is just so I can utilize its 160GB hard disk space. I have been wanting to purchase an external hard drive but I couldn’t decide which type to go for; NAS, WiFi or the normal USB external hard drive. Since my Samsung NC10 is sitting around and doing nothing while my MacBook Air disk space is clogging up, I could share my Samsung NC10 for music and movies or maybe photos. For a start, I shall be using iTunes for music and movies as a shared drive. If it works well, I can do more things with the idea than just sharing. I have another old PC which should have another 200GB which I can use as a server. Due to the limited space in my room, it has to be in the store room for now. When Mee and I have our own place, it will be the revival of my old PC! It probably sounds a little bit lame but when I think of these stuffs, I get very excited.

Great IT Plans …

Over the past few days, I have the sudden urge of getting my IT stuffs done. My MacBook Air’s copy of virtual Windows 7 isn’t working properly since a few months ago and my Samsung NC10 netbook’s operating system is corrupted like almost a year ago. By my usual standard, I would have fixed them long time ago. Instead, I seem to have put all things on halt. I am not sure why but busy isn’t the word I am looking for. Must be games. My weakness for gaming sometimes really put me behind of schedule. However, it’s undeniable that gaming relaxes my mind and I really need that.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Anyway, I have a few plans going on. First, I have downloaded Windows 8 consumer preview, ready to replace my MacBook Air’s copy of virtual Windows 7. It expires next January and should give me plenty of time to play with it. I will just reinstall Windows 7 when it expires as it’s virtual anyway. Then I shall fix my Samsung NC10 netbook. I plan to install iTunes on it and turn on the sharing function. Hence, it will be like a little server where I can just stream music from it rather than storing music files on my MacBook Air which has got limited space. If I had the space, I might turn it into a little netbook mini hifi as I have a spare set of 2.1 speakers.

I have also longed to replace my current desktop PC with Mac mini. Well, it’s not exactly my desktop, it’s more like Mee’s desktop. It’s not the time yet but sooner or later, I hope to turn the desktop PC into a media server.

To be honest, I am getting quite excited when I speak about it. I will be installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview tonight and from there, I hope that I can continue with what I have planned. Fingers crossed and I should be allocating some time for my gaming session!