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At times, I think of myself as a perfectionist but I don’t do things perfectly. It’s confusing but the perfectionist part is just in my mind. Implementing it is another question. At work, I am a web programmer. I try to do things the best I can. However, as I am typing my blog post right now, and I am looking at WordPress interface, I can’t help but impressed with the programmer. I don’t think I have the ability to create something like this. Having said that, WordPress definitely has more than one programmer. Some of the functions look simple but as a programmer myself, I know that it’s not that easy to implement them efficiently and seamlessly. For example the auto saving. When I was using flatpress, there were many times I accidentally press the back button or click any other buttons that eventually refreshed the page and I lost the stuffs that I typed. When using WordPress, I don’t have to worry about it. A draft copy is save frequently and the saving doesn’t affect me while I am typing away.

Several years ago, I tried to implement something similar on the college website but I failed miserably. If I were to try it again now, I believe that I will be able to succeed. To be honest, when I look back at some of the codings that I had done before, I always wish that I could have the time in the world to rewrite them. But as my manager always says, rewriting the code to make it more efficient but user may not gain any improvement.

Another thing that I like to know more about is the theme. I saw a website about michael kelly guitars at guitar center and the theme looks really nice. It’s either a custom theme or paid theme. Anyway, it’s all about guitar and as much as I like it, I don’t think it will suit my blog.

Choosing the easy option …


At this moment, this is my 1,089 posts since I started blogging a few year ago. I started out using Flatpress and if I still use it now, I wouldn’t be able to know how many posts I had made, unless I count them manually. I used to dislike popular stuffs like WordPress and Apple. However, they grow on me eventually. Flatpress and non-Apple stuffs are good too. Flatpress was where I polished my HTML, CSS, Javascript and other web skills. When using non-Apple stuffs, I learnt to install all sorts of operating systems from scratch; DOS, any Windows versions, Linux and I even installed MacOSX on my netbook. I also have a great deal of knowledge on hardware too.

Using WordPress and Apple products are like edging towards retirement though it’s not entirely true. It just gives me more time to focus on other stuffs. They are easy to use and I don’t have to worry too much. When I first bought my MacBook Air, Mee used it a few times for only a short few minutes and she didn’t like it. She only likes the appearance and couldn’t adjust herself to the operating system. However, when we were at my sister’s place last Christmas, my MacBook Air was the main computer for Mee. She told me that she loves it a lot especially the speed.

With WordPress, I just let it does the thing. All I need to concentrate is just blog. That’s easy!

Fresh new look!

It has been a long week. My work on moving from Flatpress to WordPress is considered successful and almost complete now. I have moved all the posts here including the pictures which is good. I still need to tweak this new WordPress thingy to be how I wanted it to be. The plugins available are great to use but somehow, there are too many to choose from. I have to test out a few before finally deciding which one to use. I still quite like the idea of editing to code as most of the plugins do not do exactly what they claim to be doing. For example, I tried out several Google Adsense plugins but none of them does exactly what I want especially the positions of the ads. I am better off placing my Google Adsense code rather than having to rely on the plugins. I have also started exploring Chitika but so far, I feel that having too many ads just make my blog looks complicated and difficult to read. At one point, Chitika was displaying paramedic jobs advertisement where I never really blog about recently.

Furthermore, I really need to seriously think about what I want to blog here. At the moment, my posts’ topics are too wide. I am glad that it still ranks two in Google pagerank. However, I do believe that I can do better now that I have a dedicated web host in addition to using WordPress. Thus, the single most important way to improve this blog is to focus on something more specific to write about. Until I can find that ‘something’, I will still blog freely!