Changes in the office

It is hot right now. I cannot imagine that it was winter cold last week. I guess this is the typical UK weather. I worked overtime yesterday while Mee went to Aquadrome alone for a body attack session. She said that there were a lot of people there. There seems to be a trend in these sport centres where they usually have a lot of members at the beginning of the year. However, it gets lesser and lesser towards Christmas. For me, last night was quite hectic as that was the first time I was alone doing the support. But I was glad that it ended without many problems.

A while ago, I mentioned that there will be some changes to the office furniture in my department. Well, there were some changes just now but not adding new furniture or removing old furniture. The site supervisors were here to move the furniture around and the door connecting two departments was removed once again.

When I first came into this office, there was no door between these two departments. When they finally decided that they needed more room to accommodate the increasing paperwork (mind you, they have five huge built in cabinets), they brought in more cabinets and a door was fixed. Hence it separated the two departments. Months later, someone thought that it was way too inconvenient because one of the offices is without a pantry. So, the door was removed just now but our department manager was not here to oversee the whole process. I wonder what will happen when she comes back tomorrow. Will the door be installed again?

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