Parking woes …

I came into the college this morning and there were cars coming out in the wrong direction. Something bad must have happened. A quarter of the parking spaces were closed and as a result, I have to park my car across the road. It is still the college’s car park but it means that I will have to walk across the road twice; once to go to my office, and once to pick up my car. Troublesome! The college’s estate and facilities department seems to have their manager changed from time to time. We were only told that the department has reshuffled but we were not told that the previous manager has resigned. We were also not informed whenever they reserved parking spaces. Every now and then, there will be a row of parking spaces reserved with orange cones. I think I will lodge a complaint if it happens again tomorrow.

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    Don’t force yourself into doing anything distressing on the road. try at night driving in school parking lots or the park for 10 or 15 minutes.

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    I am totally agree with the first comment this is common in todays life. You can found this type of inconvenience everywhere.Every time you can have a problem of parking. I think you should take action if this happens agains.

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    When parallel parking on your driving test do you have to use your turn signal to parallel park, i m about to take mine and i dont think you have to use your turn signal when you parallel park, and what about when your leaving a curb do you signal to go left.

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    Actually yo are right but there is no colony in the entire city which has no vehicles parked on the road,so we can easily say the GHMC is working. actually the problem is everywhere and even people who have parking space inside tend to park their vehicles out to ensure no one else takes that space or to take out the vehicle anytime…

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