Work, work, work

It is raining now. These days, I have been working with coding all day long. Just yesterday, we had a consultant coming in to discuss about setting up a module for our internal website. It took almost half a day to discuss the specifications and also showing him what we have at the moment and what we hope to achieve. I would say the discussion was good but it would be better to do some practical things instead of just talking. Towards the end of the session, he showed us some basic steps to create C#.NET web pages from ‘scratch’. Well, in my dictionary, creating web pages from scratch means typing the codes from start to end. However, all we did is to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and start dragging and dropping. There are still another five sessions to come and after that, we will be on our own.

The deadline for this project is set at the end of May. After this, there are more to come and in the near future, it will not be just internal website. It will be opened to students and parents. And the next step would be opened to the public so that they can do online payments, online enquiries and more. Sounds like a big task and yes it is.

I foresee that I will soon be requesting a remote desktop account which will enable me to log in to my work computer from home. Hmm…when I reach the situation where I have to work from home, the results of it would be better than any weight loss product that you can find in the market. Time is certainly not enough but I still feel quite confident in meeting the end of May deadline.

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    After doing work hard when we take a rest then we feel that we are in paradise by the way we have to work in all time either it will cold or rainy time.

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    Work is never compromised,if there is rain than also wok and if summer than also work.Work never stop.

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