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Easter break is over but for the students, the Easter break has just started and will continue for two weeks. The traffic was smooth and there were lots of empty parking spaces when I arrived to work. A bit sleepy and tired now but another half an hour or so, I believe that I will be in full swing though I still have that runny nose at the moment.

Summer is coming but the weather is still cold. Many people reckon that it will be a hot summer considering that we had the coldest winter. If it is true, Mee and I will be missing the ceiling fans or even air conditioning because what we have in our room is only heating.

I have just upgraded my Firefox to 3.6.3. Hmm… Firefox upgrades are so frequent and I wonder if they really have that much bugs to fix or they are just enhancements. Well, I am not really bothered to read the release notes. However, what I have been doing was the themes. I am not sure whether the themes have already existed in previous version but it certainly looks a little bit refreshing. It would be better if the themes includes different layouts and icons.

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    I didn’t understood that you wrote summer is coming and it is still cold…(if summer is coming it means the weather is hot, then how is there cold weather)..anyway, you mean that the time to summer has been up yet the cold weather is still around there.

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