Easter break

It is quite hot right now. The Easter break for students ends next week. Hence, the college is quite empty and quiet. Well, not really that quiet because there are some renovation going on just below my office. For me, I find that it is quite hard to concentrate sometimes because of the drilling and knocking especially when I try to troubleshoot some problems. The website that I have been working on is progressing smoothly but slowly. I sort of getting a hang of .NET web programming environment and from now on, I should be on full swing. I should have been on full swing a couple of days ago but I always tend to stray away from my main objective.

Well, the main objective was to create a simple and draft version of website that allows interaction from staffs and students. There could be just simple forms for adding, editing and deleting data. However, for the past couple of weeks, I have been testing the functionality of AJAX, popup boxes, jQuery and the styling of the web pages. In fact, I was supposed to finish all the initial web pages by today but I am no where near that. I guess my managers will forgive me when they see some of the interfaces that I have created so far, hehe….

A couple of my friends have given birth in the last couple of weeks. I have not got the chance to congratulate them yet. Well, they never inform me too but I just got to know through facebook. I should have sent them a message though. I might do it tonight. When I was in Malaysia, they told me that they were taking prenatal vitamin which claims to supply various nutrients for the pregnant and the baby. I might ask them if it were useful when I got the chance to meet up with them again. Hmmm…. One of my friends who has given birth has only one word to describe the delivery process; pain!

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