Gadgets, gadgets

If I have not mentioned about gadgets lately, I would like to say that iPad was a gadget that I had been waiting eagerly since it was announce. Well, I said, “was”, because several leading computer companies are developing smartbooks which are the future of netbook and mobile phones. Even before iPad was announced, I almost went for iPod Touch. I was not that keen on iPhone because of the price and the fact that the phone capability is the only major advantage over iPod Touch; as far as I know.

On the other hand, iPad offers bigger screen but it could not multitask. Experience tells us that whilst we might be the proud owner of the very first new product, chances are better and improved products are already in the making. Hence, until there is a multitask iPad in the market, I shall keep my wallet tight. Though the range of smartbooks covers from touchscreen to full keyboard and touchscreen, we still need to wait until they are officially launched before we can start evaluating the devices.

One purchase which I have not regretted so far even though there have been many successors over the years is Playstation Portable. It is the Phat-PSP as most people would call it. I have thought about upgrading to newer PSP but I would rather use the money for other gadgets. This Phat-PSP still works flawlessly and it plays any games that are thrown to it. In future, I will be torn between playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii when Mee and I move to a place of our own.

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  2. Prisqua

    I bought an iPod Touch for my son and was kinda disappointed it did not have a camera. (I have an iOhone myself). So I think since you already have a psp, it would not be worth it to get an iPod Touch but better off upgrading your psp.
    My boyfriend could not resist getting the iPad, even though it was an expense he should have avoided… but anyway… he loves it!
    As for the WII (yes we are gadgets addict), he still loves Mario and I just use it for fitness games. We also have an xbox 360 and a PS3. Each console has its specifics so it is hard to chose and all are worth it.

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