Tiring days

Recent gym classes have seemed to wear me out. I felt sleepy towards midnight but hopefully, I will not be like that during this weekend. That’s because I plan to do some work from home and my brain seems to work well in the middle of the night. I once talked to one of my gym instructors and she revealed that the idea of keep pushing herself has kept her fit and healthy even at 44 years old. She does not believe in diet pills to keep her slim and healthy even after reading thermotox review. However, she does believe that good diet contributes to well-being. Mind you, she can teach five or six high energy gym classes in a day. Just two classes would have easily torn me apart.

Apple has postponed its iPad launch date to late May. I have just finished reading CNET iPad review and it states there £545 as typical price. Gosh, that is so expensive considering that the starting price in US is only $499. Anyway, nothing is certain until they announce the price in 10th May 2010.

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