Windows 7

Recently, Mee is addicted to streaming Taiwanese variety show. Whenever she is in front of the computer, she will be watching a Taiwanese variety show. As the streaming service is free, the service provider has all sorts of advertisement in the background; ranging from acne cream to high technology equipment. However, all the advertisement disappear when the streamed videos are viewed full screen. Whether or not the quality of the video when viewing full screen is acceptable will depend on the quality of the uploaded video itself. In addition, I believe the introduction of Windows 7 to her life has made her more enjoyable when using computer.

Yeah, I have just installed Windows 7 and the installation was very quick. I would say it took less than 30 minutes and 90% less configuration to start with. The speed is incredible too. I have never thought Internet Explorer could be that fast to work with. Windows XP is definitely faster than Windows Vista but Windows 7 is even faster than Windows XP. Stability wise, I am not too sure because I have only used it for two days. I have never heard any complains from Mee, so I assume that all is good. I wonder if it will be worth installing Windows 7 on my netbook.

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