New Aquadrome

Aquadrome, the gym which Mee and I joined almost a year ago will be revamped in June. New machines will be added and it is said that the whole centre will be renovated. The fitness system is being upgraded at the moment and I just hope that the machines will be changed because the current ones look like 10 years old. The variety of classes are also limited because there are only two studio rooms with one being extremely small. I wonder if they will be doing something about it as it looks almost impossible to add more studio rooms judging by the current building design. Well, I am no architect and I could well be wrong.

Mee and I have not been attending the Steps class two weeks in a row. The instructor may be good in Steps but the music is a little bit boring and the moves have not changed for weeks. Instead, we had our first Body Jam class last week. Honestly, we cannot cope with the rhythm totally. I am no dancer and it just proved too hard for me. But we will not give up until we learn something and who knows, I might be able to dance naturally after a few months.

With Steps out of our schedule, I might turn Tuesday into my weight lifting day. Once a week is really not good enough to see any results. By the way, I felt that the PhD Catalyst, which I got it free with my previous supplement orders, had some kind of effect on muscle building after taking it. I like to consider it but Mee will most likely think that it is too expensive. Anyway, I still feel that it is better to have things naturally. I wonder what those clinislim review says about it, if there were any.

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